Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello & Goodbye

This post has taken me ages to do, I've had 3 glorious weeks of vacation & I'd almost forgotten how to collect my thoughts, dig out some pics & compose something! Anyhoo dear Hedgies WELCOME BACK!! I've had the best time 'cos I've nested. I really needed to veg out & relax at home with nothing particular on the Agenda, & its done me a power of good.

I managed to do Chrissie with a last minute sprint & it was lovely. MOTH refused to remove his hat & apron for the pressie opening ceremony. And Son #5's size 16 feet in all their glory sans shoes appeared out of nowhere. Each year I ask the kids to observe a little decorum & wear shoes to Christmas lunch & each year they ignore me.

Puppy Lulu experienced her first Christmas & loved it!

It has been birthday month, with 2 close girlfriends celebrating their special days, my beautiful Aunt clicking over 88, Son #2 turning 32, Son #4 marking his big 30 & moi having to write 56 in the sand as of last Monday. So lots of fizz wizz has been enjoyed, but it was the brandy bottle I needed to turn to after my visit to the Orthopaedic Surgeon on my birthday.

After chucking my scans up on the viewing box he informed me that I need a knee replacement. No cartilage, bone on bone, a meniscal tear & ACL damage were his observations. Unbelievable really, as while it's been annoying the 'you-know-whatsies' out of me, I'm yet to take any analgesia. To say I was dumb-founded would not be gilding the lily. Anyhoo, cutting to the chase at 56 he needs to buy me some time before heading down Replacement Highway. I'm going to have an Arthroscopy next month & he's going to try & do some urgent remedial work. Oh joy, there goes my Footy season.

The leaning tower of books on the bedside table has been replenished BIG TIME, & I get little thrills of excitement each time I see them......especially the names Giannetti & McCulloch, hugs & kisses to you both.

However I've saved the best book 'til last. I'm absolutely thrilled to tell you that I'm going to be a Glamorous Grandmother or Glammie for short! Son #4 & his delightful girl Miss K. will be welcoming their little cherub mid-year, so I'm in Glammie overdrive. On hearing the news, MOTH took immediate steps & blocked the Baby Burberry Online Store from our PC. But I have ways & means!!

I'm off to Sydney on Sunday for the week as it's the Company's 2012 Kick-Off Meeting. A huge week with a full-on Agenda, so deep breaths Miss Millie & I'll be back next weekend. I'll tweet while I'm away, although I'll have to keep things tidy to protect the guilty. It's the weekend, so go enjoy!

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  1. ouch ouch ouch - that whole medical things sounds like a drama - poor wee you - but you know I just know you will be fine - you are that kinda girl :) le xox

  2. What a horror verdict re The Knee. I'm sorry to hear you need a replacement. But didn't the Queen Mum have a knee replacement? Or a hip replacement? Or a gin-and-tonic replacement...? Can't remember.
    Anyhow, if she can hobble on, it must be possible to survive such painful surgery. Lots of alcohol, I'd suggest.
    Those books look lovely. I have Cabbages & Roses - a beautiful book.
    I've ordered Patina too.
    So glad you're refreshed!
    Hugs from us,
    Janelle McCulloch | LIbrary of Design

  3. PS How thrilling to be a grandmother. You'll make a very glam grandmother too.

  4. Millie I feel your pain with the knees. I have the same problem, compounded by osteo arthritis. Not much fun. I also feel your joy though at becoming a glam-mother! Congrats! There is nothing else like it on earth. It's a beautiful stage in life! xxoo

  5. Eek how exciting...a Glammie at last! Congrats all round.

    The knee thing doesn't sound the best, hope it all goes smoothly for you...if all else fails you can do as above, Save water and drink Champagne!! Sounds good to me.

  6. Happy New Year Miss Millie!

    Hope you have had a wonderful time :)

    Just wanted to let you know Endless Inspiration is back in business! Feel free stop by sometime and say hi :)

    Best wishes

    Vanya x

  7. Oh Mills. I'm sorry to hear you've been in so much pain. You're brave not to take the painkillers!

    I hope work is more enjoyable for you this year.

    But becoming a Glammie will be the most marvellous tonic ever! I'm *so* thrilled for you. J x

  8. Congratulations, Millie, but I'm sorry to hear of the pesky knee trouble. That's so funny about the Baby Burberry Online Store - I'm glad medical matters aren't quelling the humour round at your place!

  9. Oh Mill's & MOTH,
    What fabulous news that you will be welcoming a 'little Hedgie' into the family this year. As you know, we became grandparents last year and it's the best thing EVER !! I know that you will LOVE it.
    Rotten luck about your knee......I always look at things like this as 'it could be much worse' BUT, I'm sure those words don't help you when you are in pain and having the remedial work done, but I know that you will accept it all with that wonderful attitude that you have.... just keep thinking of that new little baby that will be arriving.
    Belated birthday greetings as well.....I'm sure that you enjoyed it to the max. Much love and hope that the knee doesn't give you too much gyp in Sydney !! XXXX

  10. Oh WOW Glammy! You'll love it and hopefully the expectations will overcome the annoyance and problems with your knee. Best wishes for both. xx

  11. Something told me that you would become a Mimi soon. I am so excited for you and MOTH. As for the knee ,let me tell you about my Great Aunt Felba. She passed away last November, she was the last of her siblings. All of the others had bad knees and became sedentary and soon kicked the bucket, but not her. She not only had both knees replaced, but both hips and both shoulders. She was 92 when she died, I remember her always standing tall with a huge smile on her face. I called her the Bionic Woman. You can be the next one, "We can rebuild her" "We can build her better and more powerful". Love to both of you, Heidi

  12. Lovely to see you Miss Millie! A Happy belated birthday to you! So sorry about the knee, but just think... more nesting time! And congratulations on being a grandmum. I only thought is how LUCKY the little one will be to have you and MOTH for grandparents!!

    take good care.

  13. Awww how exciting!! New adventures ahead for sure!!

  14. Congratulations on the baby and commiserations on the knee. Sounds like it is back to full speed for you Millie.

  15. Dandling a baby on that knee will be the best therapy. Congrats! It'll be a great year Mills. deb

  16. As a new BeBe (Glammie), trust me, you will forget all about that knee...ailments become a thing of the past. I have a 3 month old grandson and it's just the thrilled for you!!

  17. Welcome back Millie and happy belated birthday greetings to you!
    Such wonderful news to hear that you and Moth are going to be Grandies! I know you will be a Glammie, Big Congratulations!
    Sorry about the knee and the pain, do hope it will all go smoothly for you, to get it right again.

    Wishing you and your family the best ever year

  18. Hi Millie
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you had a fabulous time. Congratulations to you and Moth soon to be grand parents . But if your a Glammie what will Moth be ? I can't see him left out.On the subject of Moth he's half the man he use to be.
    I'm sure you've been reading my book of ailments yes I've got a knee problem too(bone on bone) don't you love this age thing almost blind in one eye hobbling around on one leg. FUN FUN.
    Glad you got some R&R Sounds like an interesting year!
    Kind Regards
    PS: I have serious book envy

  19. Oh Crud, Millie (I would use another few choice words, but I like to keep things cleaner in my blog comments than in person).
    I'm on my way to 47 and have already started experiencing the cricks and aches. Aging is not for the weak, that is for sure.
    I will be thinking of you and sending thoughts for a speedy recovery.
    Since I can't be there to visit you during your recuperation, I'm thrilled to know that a little piece of me will be by your bedside in the form of Patina Style.

    On a happier note, congratulations on the new baby news. I'm looking forward to those grand babies (not too soon, but soon enough for us to be building a farm, hoping to lure little visits). We have a lot to look forward to. That's what gets us through the rest, don't you think?


  20. Welcome back Miss Millie! Congratulations too Glammie!! and Happy Birthday for Monday. I really hope for a speedy recovery for you luv, you poor thing. Sending healing thoughts your way.
    Take care and Happy New Year too.
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  21. Oh my goodness,, what a lot of news! So exciting to hear that you will soon be a Glammie. Do they live close enough for you to get in lots of cuddles? You must have an amazing pain threshold as I have been told that knee injuries/pain are as close as you can get to the pain of childbirth. That fact was given to me by a man thoguh, so I'm not entirely sure how accurate it would be!! Hope the Dr's fiddling around will give you a bit of relief though. Can't have your footy career finihsed for good, even if it is over for this season :)
    Clare x

  22. Happy belated Birthday Millie from a fellow Capricorn (we Caps rock don't you agree?).
    Wonderful news on soon becoming a Glammie and I'm sure you will find a way to source baby Burberry.
    This impending knee biz is yukko but I've no doubt you will come through with flying colours.

  23. happy new year millie! and happy belated birthday! and wow, a grandmother... congrats to you and the soon-to-be parents. pam

  24. Mille, where do I begin? Happy New Year, Happy Birthday and Congratulations!! What a sounds like the perfect did just what you wanted to do.:) Your knee...ouch. I say that as I sit here with an MRI form in front of me, for my knee. I have been dragging said knee for weeks and stalling on the MRI to avoid what I do not want to hear. I had some handy dandy needle work in early December which worked a charm but I fear it is acting up again. I feel for you...and hope I do not feel the same one day. I will follow your progress with great interest and wish you a speedy recovery. I have a feeling that not much can hold you back take care!

    Jeanne xx

    Grandmother Millie... Mere Mille....Nana Millie...have you decided what you want to be called?? :)

  25. Oh Millie! you are going to be one fabulous Glammie!! Much congratulations to you & Moth, and of course the expecting parents!

  26. Oh Millie, that is such wonderful news, many congratulations & sorry it took me so long to read this post! How exciting!!

    Not so exciting about your knee, UGH :( An arthroscopy can do wonders, my husband had one of those....kept him going for some time :)

    And that book pile looks so good!!

    Happy New Year Millie! Xxxx

  27. Hi Millie
    Well I'm such a terrible blogger of late I'm only just now saying Happy New Year!! Well Grand Mamma Millie!! How exciting.. You'll need that new knee to chase the little one around.. You know all that baby sitting they'll have you doing..

    Gook luck with the op and happy birthday to all the birthday-ees.. ciao xxx Julie

  28. ooops.. happy belated birthday to you!!

  29. as usual.....
    you give me a motto to live by;
    'SAVE WATER drink champagne'

    sorry it's been so long.
    i have been working on getting my showroom up and running.

    big hugs to you 'MISS MILLIE' !!!



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