Saturday, February 4, 2012

Calling All Expats!

OK I know you're lurking out there, reading this from London, Toyko, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, Beijing, Madrid & lots more fabulous, but temporary places. I know 'cos you've told me so via your comments & emails. You love your posting, your job & the excitement of experiencing a new city & lifestyle. But Miss Millie is smarter than you think & can read between the lines of your sweet notes. You love Adelaide, & when the excitement & challenge of your overseas position has waned there's only one thing you want to do & that's come home to the loveliest little city in the whole of the country - Adelaide!!

So on this gorgeous warm, sunny, South Australian summer's day I'm going to tempt you with what's currently on offer in the way of real estate. After you've wiped away your tears of longing & home sickness, leave me a note telling me which one has won your heart. I'm happy to call the real estate agent for you.
Let's start with 'Carawatha' a gorgeous c1880 Victorian mansion in glorious Gilberton. You'll need to call Bernie about this one & if you're from Adelaide I won't need to elaborate.

Then there's 'Benacre' at Glen Osmond, a heritage icon in town c1870 in all it's Victorian bluestone glory. Toopie's got this one.

Candy B's just listed this beautiful Victorian terrace in Barnard St North Adelaide. With a generous rear laneway access, it will go in a heartbeat.

In fabulous Fitzroy 'Carlton House' is ready for you. A c1890 Victorian mansion on Fitzroy Terrace sitting on 2264sq.metres opposite the Parklands, what are you waiting for. Another call to Toopie for this gem.

Come up the Hills for 'Broadlees', a c1926 Georgian Mediterranean mansion at Crafers West. The 18 acres you'll also get for your $'s is a bonus beyond all words. Speak to Tim T at Toopie's about putting a deposit down.

Another beauty on Fitzroy Terrace, this time a c1880 return verandah Victorian sandstone house with floodlit supergrass tennis court. Contact Judy M via Oren for a squizz.

And there's marvellous Medindie & on divine Dutton Terrace check out this Victorian bluestone villa on 1226sq. metres. It goes to auction on Valentine's Day & wouldn't your little heart flutter if your bid secured it. Another call to Judy M is needed here.

And if luscious Leabrook calls your name what about 'Tarleamore' in Tusmore Ave. A c1925 gentleman's residence on 1345sq. metres of prime residential Eastern suburbs land. Ros Neale's got this listing.

Your Mum's probably told you in one of her emails that they've just spent a motza tarting up the Burnside Village Shopping Centre & it's even got a Zara. If that doesn't get you home, then nothing will! So go on, I know you want to. Come on home we're waiting for you & so is Bernie, Toopie, Judy & Ros.

It's the weekend, so go enjoy!

Book image: Chris Pavone All other images: Real Estate



  1. I love the second to last one - that reminds me of a 19th century Melbourne house.

    I've been living in the US for almost 20 years now - mostly in Chicago, but in Texas for the past couple of years.

    I remember when I first moved to the US, people used to ask me if I missed Australia. I always responded "I miss my parents, but I love living in the US". That's still the case - I think I was born to live in the US (shhhh... don't tell my parents!)

    Adelaide was the first place we lived when we migrated to Australia from the UK when I was four. I haven't spent much time there as an adult - I pretty much grew up in Melbourne.

    My son (who is 11) will be visiting Australia for the first time this summer - he will be spending a month with my parents in Ballarat. We are hoping to make it an annual trip for him, so he can know more about his heritage.

    I guess I've rambled on enough for now - have a wonderful weekend!

  2. The first one is pretty amazing...actually they all are!!

  3. I can't decide Millie as every house looks divine.
    My only experience of Adelaide is a lightening one night stop over at the age of 15 as part of a school trip. Afraid I don't remember much other than the camp ground and a cathedral!

  4. I truly wish I had known you when I lived in Adelaide! It was the loneliest time of my life!
    But the architecture was out of this world. I remember we went to South Adelaide to look at some puppies that were for sale. The terrace was just exquisite and in beautiful condition and I was dying to see inside...The lady of the house came out to the gate (which had a bell on it and a lock) told us to wait there and then proceeded to bring out each puppy for us to look at. The puppies were not put on the ground (so I couldn't see which one had the temperament I wanted) and we never got past the front gate!!!!! Perhaps in our youth we looked dangerous!!!!! Carlton House could tempt me back if you promise to be my friend!!!!!!!!! xxx

  5. So MIss Millie....Why are all these incredible Adelaide abodes on the market???

  6. Geez Millo they are all rip snorters. Cheers.

  7. We did the expat thing for 10years - US, Colorado and Texas - for me it was just like you said once the initial excitement wore off I missed my family and my sun burnt country - I feel anchored in Australia and the landscape makes my hear soar - must say I spend hours on and if we didn't move back to Bowral, NSW near family, Adelaide sure looks pretty tempting! _ SP

  8. Your post is like a beacon in the night...calling out to me...HOME... wherever that may evenually be. Too funny, Millie, as I have been trolling thru the real estate adds far and wide in search of the perfect home as well. Adelaide is looking very tempting and it is so hard to pick one. Carlton House, Broadlees...any of these would be divine! We have our sights set on the northern beaches of Sydney when we get off the Expat Express...and hope to have one foot planted in Australia and one foot in the USA. If we collect another passport along the way...I think I will go mad! We still have Vietnam to get who knows? I loved coming along and seeing what you have here.. maybe, just maybe...Adelaide could be in the cards. Love that McLaren Vale wine country of yours. Once upon a time, Mr H and I spent many a happy day wandering thru the vineyards. :)

    Best wishes Millie....Jeanne xx

  9. I'm no expat, but I'm calling Tim T at Toopie's straightaway!!


    happy weekend Millie and MOTH!

  10. Hi Millie, thank you for a giving me a glimpse into where my friend has relocated to.. oh gosh.. best I get down to visit here soon! ps.. I'll forward your blog to her.. you're a true ambassador of Adelaide.. enjoy a good week weather wise :) regards from a muggy Queenslander..

  11. I love them all but the 4th one is sheer perfection. Look at those hedges! They obviously used a string to clip those rather than the clip-clip-sip-beer-clip-clip approach my partner prefers. (Which often results in some interesting shapes.) The 2nd one looks ever-so-slightly like the school in Picnic at Hanging Rock. Love them all. North Adelaide is my favourite architectural eye candy in all of Australia. It even beats St George's Road in Melbourne and the harbourfront of the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Janelle xx

  12. SA Great (or whatever they call it these days) should be paying you commission dear friend!!! Gosh we have some gorgeous real estate in South Aus don't we? A friend of mine grew up in "Carawatha", pity for me we have only just met and become friends, hide and seek there would have been awesome as kids!! And I bought my little SFC from Candy B, wouldn't mind upgrading to the North Adelaide one above...... in my dreams! xx

  13. Aaah that's why I love Radelaide so much Miss K......everyone knows everyone once removed.
    M xx

  14. Wow, AMAZING, wow, WOW!! X

  15. Ok so these are all heart-pounding gorgeous but MR. and I would really rather sit on the back patio with you and MOTH and drink heavily.
    Happy weekend!


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