Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Princess Patricia

Princess Patricia van Esshe - happy 5th birthday mate! We jumped into the bloggie world around the same time & 1,130 fabulous posts later you're still going stronger than ever (while yours truly can only dream of such posting stamina!). Thank you for the gentle beauty & generosity of spirit you share with us each day here.... & especially through your beautiful art & design. Always posing a question that makes us stop & think & wanting to share our thoughts. You are a unique & original stand-out in a bloggie world cluttered with sameness. I'll splurge at your blog bar, a glass of Krug please - I raise my glass to a legend!

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  1. Congratulations Dear Millie!!!
    You are are a pure treasure to the blogging world.
    Greetings from very cold Poland today! (-15C!!!! brrrrr)

  2. Crikey Mill's, How many posts has Patricia posted ? That does say 1,130 doesn't it ? I'm only up to about 160 and I've been going over 2 years now. I must get my finger out and post a bit more often !!!! I shall go over to Patricia's blog and have a wander through her pages ( as the actress said to the Bishop !! )
    Also Mill's and MOTH, many, many thanks for your lovely birthday wishes. I shall try my best to follow your instructions but, it won't be difficult....I embarrass my family on a regular doesn't even have to be my birthday !!!! haha
    Much love to you both. XXXX

  3. Oh dear she has set a benchmark hasn't she!!!!!! I've been over to visit
    she is a truly lovely artist and aren't you a beautiful friend. xx

  4. Oh you are a love. Just the other day, I was in my car having a good laugh, one very funny comedian said she needed some spackle for her cracks and wrinkles and I guess I feel that way, a blog is like a body or that of a house, there is always something to repair, to update, to upgrade or to lift or to post! Perhaps my blog for me is just that, to give a little lift to the daily grind. Mundane tasks need a little enthusiasm. Off to unload the dishwasher and well, "be amazing!"
    We all have to create a bit of cheeky good fun.
    I am meeting Anna Spiro this week in the city and she is one of my bloggie heros. We met last year and it was the first time she had seen snow!
    I keep asking the man upstairs to bring it on, some sort of storm for her in NY but we are having a mild winter and very little snow.
    We have to meet one day over some laurel hedge with a glass of Klug or Dom!
    Do you know est magazine - it is sick I tell you. Please run and have a look at the latest on-line issue.

  5. Congratulations Patricia and how lovely you are MIllie... xv

  6. In my google Reader you and Patricia are first reads when something new is posted. Two lovely gals you both are!!!!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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