Monday, February 6, 2012

Pleasing All The People

Every now & then I'm reminded by an incensed Follower that this blog is supposed to be about renovating & not all the other 'stuff'. OK, so to placate the said Follower from their Unfollowing threat, here's some images taken in 3rd bedroom yesterday - not pretty huh.

Since MOTH's crook back has eased off enough to let him back at it to a degree, these wardrobe doors have been ripped off their hinges & are propped on the trestles getting the Smart Prime once over. Except it isn't just one coat, it's bloody hundreds to stop that rubbish varnish stain bleeding through! He's also put numerous coats of Solver's Parchment on the walls, chased a whole heap of wiring through the brickwork & done an enormous patch up job to the holes he bashed in the bricks to do this.

We invited a son over for a Sunday roast dinner recently & unbeknowns to him, he had to help MOTH fix the new ceiling plasterboard to its frame before the meal was served. It got done but not without some dramas. All I'll say is that there was a 'failure' of the fixative by a certain serial renovator & a large piece of plasterboard hit the deck via the son's head. Let me tell you the conversation over dinner was unusually subdued. All the ceiling plastering & top coats have been done & most importantly we have downlights (sorry Ms. Velvet & Linen!) that work. I hope that's the last whinge I hear from that Follower for a while. Isn't renovating fun.



  1. If they keep complaining (and I am not!) why don't you and Moth come and stay with me for a while?!
    I could then keep you in renovating stories for years to come!!!!!!
    I am quite impressed with the paint job on the wardrobe doors, the room is showing great promise and I look forward to seeing the finished jobs (but I also look forward to the other stories too!!!) xxx

  2. Oh dear! Poor son. I never know what my blog is about. Travelling one minute, painting stuff the next and chooks today.

  3. We were hoping you'd do a reno update too! Good work. Impressive progress MOTH. But have to agree with Velvet & Linen - downlights are the devil's business. We inherited 3000 of them. Our quarterly electricity bill is worse than America's balance of payments. Worse, we feel like we're living in a Broadway theatre! But they DO light up a room like nobody's business! Good on you MOTH. What's on The List for tomorrow? (!)

  4. What's that saying..'You can't please all of the people all of the time'
    I love your blog Millie because you write about whatever takes your fancy. I'll probably figure out what direction my blog should take the day I pack it in.
    Very happy to hear there was no lasting damage to dear son's noggin. Oh renovating..why do we inflict these dramas on ourselves?

  5. Oh, the trials and tribulations of renovation, Mill's !!
    It's usually the other way round for us, as we seem to spend more time helping our children decorate their homes than doing our own !!!!
    Do you think that this project will rival ' The Bathroom From Hell' ?!!!! XXXX

  6. Hi Millie
    The renovating world isn't always a happy one. It's the end result that really counts.I'm sure it's all going to be worth it in the end. Millie have you and Moth tried Zinsseer
    B-I-N primer We used it on the pine ceiling in our family room. The ceiling had been varnished) 1 coat of that and 2 of top coat easy peesy.(I use to work for a paint company)
    Kind Regards
    PS I don't mind what you blog about I always find you fun.

  7. Someone complained? How tacky. You hear that, said follower?

    I love all of your posts no matter what the topic!

  8. Complaining is not cool. In fact it's downright rude.
    I think the said complainer has too much time on their hands

  9. A blogger may write whatever they want on THEIR blog! I have read similar comments on other blogs, crazy!

  10. Hi Millie,

    Your blog is one that I love to come and visit, you always have something very interesting, so thank you.
    Hope the reno to bedroom # 3 goes well, the white painted doors look lovely.
    I will be thinking of you and Moth when we are slaving away on our makeover, of our lounge - seems to be hot work at times.

    Happy week

  11. Dearest Millie,

    I say you may blog about whatever you want!

    Tell them I said so!

    Art by Karena

  12. PS I'm sure the Complainer was being tongue-in-cheek with their comment. (By the way, it wasn't me!) Any follower of this blog would have a good sense of humour...

  13. You know I love you, even with down lights :)


  14. Gosh you're polite. I had a couple of anonymous comments a few weeks back who both had a go at me in a very harsh, unsympathetic and critical way for daring to complain about how much I hate unpacking and how tiring and boring it was. Tried to teach me some tired old lesson about being grateful for what I had and made a bunch of assumptions and judgments about me. I thought about launching a tirade of abuse and a sod off my blog and MYOB response, but have calmed down in the days since. I do find demanding followers a bit hard to stomach, particularly when this is a free service, and we do it in our own time. Lucky to have us I think!

  15. Millie,
    What a lot of work you must be again undertaking. As usual I am certain it will turn out lovely. MOTH sure is a glutton for punishment.
    I just love the variety you bring to your posts. Do not be taken in by the comments on the down side.
    Bye my lovely!

  16. I love all your posts, Millie! I'm sorry that your son got hit on the head, though. I bet he doesn't accept another invitation to dinner again soon LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Oh Millie, we can feel the enthusiasm for the DIY just oozing through this post! :) Your poor son, it will all be worth it in the end, but you know that we are happy to read anything you serve up
    best wishes

  18. The joys of renovating amidst complaining followers. Perhaps they should have just unfollowed. I for one always love reading whatever you post Millie. It always has your unique spin on things which I love. xx

  19. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Loving your white painted bricks. Jane (NZ) :)


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