Friday, February 17, 2012

Destination Unknown

This year I've felt I'm a passenger on a train who's destination is unknown. I've paced the corridors of that train, sliding open the doors of each of the compartments along the way, anxiously asking the people inside 'Do you know where this train is going?' And all I get are blank stares & a collective shaking of heads. I've been doing it in my waking hours & also in my sleep. It has been a disturbing experience.

However late this week I've had someone whisper a possible destination to me. I know this may sound confusing to many, but to those who have picked up on some of this metaphorical pacing of corridors here at The Hedge & have written (as you do!) to let me know you are concerned, breathe a little easier. I'm hoping that this time next week my train will be pulling into a very familiar station. I know it sounds like code, but trust me on this & send me positive thoughts through the Bloggie Universe.

In the meantime I'm going to leave you with some Weekend Thoughts, an idea I've so blatantly knicked from one of my Bloggie heroes, the amazing Branford aka Uncle Beefy.

  • Do I really need another pair of divine shoes from here, you bet I do!

  • I admit to shedding a tear last night when Catherine Willows said goodbye here.

  • Food & wine snobs invading the Hills on a weekend are driving me CRAZY!!

  • Was it wrong to buy 3 identicals of these this week in 3 different colours & prints just 'cos the fit was FANTASTIC!

  • I need to be careful Twitter doesn't usurp my first love.

  • I still wonder what happened to Manhattan Transfer.

  • Pinning is not a way of life.

  • This is, & always will be, my favourite restaurant.

  • I love my best friend more today than ever - 22 years of never, ever letting me down xx

  • Does Bach's 10 Siciliano (Sonata for Flute and Harpischord n° 2) sound bloody good played on a bandonéon here - you bet it does, & I'm not afraid to argue the point!

  • It is a very good thing that MOTH understood early in our relationship that to get me to agree to anything, he needs to plant the seed & walk away. I eventually come around.

  • I would sell all the kids to black market slave traders for one of these.

It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!



  1. Message to the universe delivered, with interest:)

  2. Fingers crossed Mills. A-M xx

  3. Little prayer sent your way tonight!
    and absolutely I would have bought three of the DL tops too!!!!
    The cup cake boots will soon belong to me (I wish!!!!)
    Julienne xxxx

  4. I hope that train wends its proper path, Millie; it sounds as though you need some respite. Safe journeying.

  5. Oh Mill's,
    It's been a while since we've heard you being so positive ..... could this mean a return to more comfy and familiar surroundings, workwise ?!!
    ..... and, I'm contemplating selling my soul to the Devil for your last delectable item but, I'm worried that the Devil will take me for a ride !!!!
    Hope that you and MOTH had a delicious time on Valentines Day evening and I'm so pleased that you will be pulling into your familiar station soon ( as the actress said to the Bishop !!!! haha ) . XXXX

  6. Oh Millie, if it's what I think it is.....sensational!!!

    My thoughts are with you. Hang in there kid


  7. Snap to the last link in particular.
    Actually I'm thinking if you were driving one of those bad boys you wouldn't need to worry about where the hell the train was going!

    xx F

  8. I really like the sound of that Millie, fingers crossed.

  9. Sending positive thoughts along the bloggy wire and every finger and toe is crossed for you Millie.
    All the best for the outcome you desire!

  10. Great post Millie. I am intrigued by all the international mystery and will keenly stay tuned for the next instalment #intrigued

  11. Millie,

    Here is hoping that your train arrives in the station with you on it at the destination of choice.

    As for the car - well................ you can just come state side and drive mine.

  12. Millie I have been on that same train...

    Yes to the fabulous shoes ( found several pair I adore), I wish they were in the US! The cowl top is gorgeous!!

    Art by Karena

  13. Hi Millie,

    Sending good thoughts your way dear friend and really hope that train will pull into a familiar and happy destination.
    We must have the same food and wine snobs here and I know exactly what you are saying - they invade our little Island too.

    Wishing you a great week ahead

  14. Lots of positivity coming your way across the Tasman. I hope you alight at the next stop to find complete happiness, a way to use all your creativity and are surrounded by people who appreciate the journey you've taken to arrive there. David.

  15. Is everything OK Millie? take a deep breath and let the universe do its job! Love and light, Catherinexx

  16. I am hoping that the train is going to let you off at a place that you love and can have a great adventure. The one thing I keep telling myself is that "there are no accidents". There is a reason for this shitty ass season. The season will change as seasons do. Sending my love and thanking you from the bottom of my Texas heart. Love, Heidi

  17. Dear Millie,
    I have my fingers crossed for you. Here's hoping your perfect station isn't too far down the track! (And the train stops long enough to let you off...)
    Janelle xx
    PS LOVE that shoe site in the UK. In fact, I think I've become addicted to it! Wonder if they'll ship to Australia?

  18. Hey Girl - I can empathize. Each day brings something new and another destination is right around the corner. I know where I'll be for the next month - after that - who knows? Deep breaths my friend, deep breaths.
    I'll be thinking of you ( it will distract me from my own worries!)

  19. Dear Millie, How lovely to know you are also an Aston Martin sort of a girl ... SIGH, the only car I have ever seriously lusted after, well, that and an old beat up landrover.
    Glad to hear - I think - that things may be improving with the job, may this stop be the right one!
    wishing you both a lovely weekend

  20. Ooooooommmmm fingers and toes and everything else crossed dear Mills!

  21. Toot Toot.. all aboard?.. sounds exciting.. I love packing for anywhere! .. hope its exotic Millie?.. enjoy.. and safe travels.. x j

  22. You know, I wonder what happened to Manhattan Transfer too....


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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