Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love The One You're With

Geez you guys......honestly. I've just had a quick squizz at all your Valentine's Day posts & really, how good are they! Here's my woeful effort, but it makes me happier than I can describe. MOTH took the morning off to finish all the tax stuff for the Accountant & decided to stay at home for the rest of the day to sand & paint......& sand & paint. And he's just wandered back from the garden with our first Tuberose of the year. The aroma drifting from that beauty even knocks out the fresh paint smell. Do you remember the story behind the Tuberose? If you need a refresher I've dug it out from the archives & it's here. I think I needed to grow a plait at the time for the flower to have its maximum effect. And hasn't that happened NOT!

And a big thanks to Chris at Locavore for springing MOTH from the Valentine's Day sin bin. A table for two at 7.30p.m. miraculously appeared this morning & he has redeemed himself big time. Anyhoo dear Hedgies, whatever you're doing today & whoever you're doing it with, I hope you are surrounded by lots of love. XXX's from The Hedge.



  1. I reckon all that sanding and painting just shows how much MOTH loves you - give me a bit of renovation or a spotlessly clean kitchen or a clean and sparkling car over a diamond ring anyday. Ok, maybe not a diamond ring, but you know what I mean?!
    Clare x

  2. Now that is a man who truly loves his wife...sanding, painting and dinner!!!!!!!
    Julienne xx

  3. Oh heavens I just pressed follow me on pinterest, Millie, I am going to be pinning all night!!!!!
    J xxxxxx

  4. Happy Valentines Day Millie and Moth!!

  5. Right back at ya' Millie. That tuberose is wonderful just like MOTH! Hope dinner is delightful. Have a glass (or 2) of champers for me!

  6. "The sin bin"....that made me giggle Millie!! Nice save MOTH :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!! XX

  7. Best wishes to you Millie..sounds like MOTH is pulling out all stops for you...lovely man! Mr. H returned this morning from his travels. We get him for five days before he heads out again...Mrs. H is smiling ;)
    Happy Valentine's Day M..

    Jeanne :)xx

  8. What a gentleman. Nothing like a bit of sand and paint to keep a woman happy! (Keeps me happy!)
    So pleased you both had a good day - and dinner too! Woo-hoo. There'll be fireworks in The Hedge tonight!

  9. A freshly painted love, a scented love: exactly what the day is for. Have a lovely excursion, Millie and MOTH!

  10. Ummmmm that should read Snoreworks Janelle!
    M x

  11. Hooroo and Happy Valentines Day to you & MOTH!
    xo Lisa

  12. I am soooo glad you cleared that up. I bought a bunch of those sweet smelling flowers last week and the aroma was magnificent. Everyone that walked into the house commented and I had no idea what they were called. Glad you had a great day.

    Jennifer xx

  13. Hope your Valentines Day dinner was supper wonderful Millie & Moth!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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