Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Come Closer....

....just a little closer. Arms around each other, it's time for one big, squishy group hug!! The fabulous comments you left yesterday truly gave me the warm & fuzzies - what a great bunch of friends you all are - thank you.

Exciting news from the Bathroom-From-Hell. We now have half a frameless shower screen across the end of the room. After a lot of grunting & puffing from the Installers, lugging these very large pieces from their truck in the yesterday's rain & hail, it's transpired that someone stuffed up & the door measurements pulled up 2mms. too short. So back on the truck it went, with even more grunting & puffing to the factory. However the large piece is in & & oh my goodness, it was something akin to a religious experience. The room is coming together so well & is exactly the image I've been carrying around in my head for the past 2 years. Still lots to do, but for the first time I feel like we're on the home run - YAY!!
Image: San Carlos



  1. Doing a happy bathroom dance...don't ask! So glad you've been able to get excited despite the small hiccup :)

  2. Just read yesterdays post! When we built our house we NEARLY bought a Smeg oven! At the time my mum was having huge problems with her gigantic expensive Smeg oven. So we opted for a Blanco oven and dishwasher instead. I am so glad to say we have never had a problem. I wonder what the customer service would be like if we did? Lets hope I never have to find out! Letitia x

  3. Oh such great news Millie. Will there be life after the BFH?... there will be such a large void in your life after this is all finished! A-M xx

  4. you know............
    i hate that.

    my window treatment workroom did not take the correct measurements
    (at job of mine)
    and back it all went.

    it is frustrating i know.
    big hug right back at ya'

  5. Glad that you are having some success Millie. I on the other hand have got the builder that never seems to come back!!!! grrr... ;-)

  6. This is great news Millie, its always nice to see your vision become a reality, very exciting for you & MOTH!

  7. Isn't it so good to see the light at the end of the tunnel....speaking of lights, I wonder what you've chosen for the bathroom?

  8. Very exciting! What's MOTH going to do when it's finished? That's a joke MOTH.. The same thing happened with our shower glass, wrong size.. Rachaelxx

  9. Hi Millie...boy can I relate to this post. It is so amazing when an idea that is stuck in your head slowly materializes. There are invariably too many obstacles and misfortunes...but perseverance pays off. Our little tiled shower is just yearning to be opened up...but just starting the materials hunting and gathering phase. Looking forward to seeing your "after"! Trish


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