Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Legit!

Those of you who have been around The Hedge for a while know that I LOVE SHOES! High shoes, impractical shoes, as long as they are gorgeous I'll wear them. My decision was vindicated with last year's Great Busted Foot debacle. The only day of the year that I was wearing flat, semi-sensible shoes at work & look what happened! However, after approx. 40 years of throwing caution to the wind, I was caught out a couple of years ago. I suffered the indignity of a very painful & debilitating heel spur. Off to the Podiatrist I went. Discovering I was the only one in the Waiting Room without a Zimmer frame was confronting. Then in for my consult I received a spray about my choice of thoroughly 'ridiculous' (her words, not mine!) footwear. As I was scuttling out, after receiving some medieval torture under the guise of treatment, she threw one last humiliating word at me - Birkenstocks!

You've got to be joking I thought. But as the pain increased, my resistance deserted me & before I knew it I found myself in the local Birkenstock store begging to be served. Only one style vaguely suited & that was the Flip. Coming home I shoved my feet into them & it was something akin to a religious experience. Laying on of hands & all that stuff for my poor feet!

I'm now on my 2nd pair & desperately need to replace them & was over-the-moon to see that the gorgeous one herself Mrs. Heidi Klum Seal has designed a range this Summer for Birkenstock. Thank you dear Heidi for legitimizing my Birkenstocks. This little silver number from her new range caught my eye, but I fear that they may be just a little OTT.

Silver sole, silver sides, glitzy buckle, silver hearts & flashy diamantes - what do you think?

This is my current pair, with a bit of aqua paisley happening. Should I stick with the status quo or throw caution to the wind & go for the silver? Oh & before you totally desert me for this major indiscretion in good taste, I must reassure you that of course my Birkenstocks never see the light of day outside The Hedge property boundaries. I still have an image to maintain dear Hedgies!



  1. Well done Heidi! We should have been designed to wear high heels with no risk of damage..they're just so gorgeous and fun..Rachaelxx

  2. Well I think the silver would definitely be the the style of choice for wafting around in that floaty maxi dress in the sun...but for every day??...

  3. Like a slip-covered sofa whose mood can change with the seasons, Birkenstock should introduce a range with inter-changeable uppers. Then you wouldn't be faced with this dilemma Millie. But seeing as you are, here's my advice...follow your heart. (You can thank me later).

  4. Those silver shoes are Birken-fabulous. Nothing like slothing in style.


  5. I say throw caution to the wind and go for the bling! Personally I have to wear shoes that are easy on my feet. But I like some height 'cause I'm short. sensible platforms work for me. I know your dilemma!

  6. I laughed at today's post. I bought my first pair when living in Germany 21 years ago and my young daughters 'hated' them. 20 years later and they both swear by them. At my oldest daughter's wedding, our new son-in-law and all the groomsman were in them. Saw someone with the silver ones out shopping the other day and must admit that they looked rather OTT during the day (even my husband noticed and he doesn't notice shoes!)

  7. My Lord, if you are forced to wear Birkenstocks go for the bling, thank goodness Heidi is on the case!!
    though I did like your understated ones too ;)

  8. Oh Millie from one Hedgie to another I too wear the beloved Birkenstock. Often run to the car, & scurry quickly into the grocery store hoping not to be detected; but alas still have them on my happy feet. I say go for the silver..if Heidi designed them, wear them proud. I have an antique gold version. Sounds better than they look! Be courageous my friend, I've got your back. Hope MOTH got his grouting done?! xx

  9. Hi Millie,

    Well I must say that when I injured my toes a while back, I went out and bought myself a red pair of Birkinstocks and they are incredibly comfortable, wearing around the home and the occasional
    trip to the village.
    Good on Heidi for putting her mark on them. Let us know what one you go for.

    Happy week

  10. Heidi's version would make every Hedgie task seem like an occasion, and there is very little that silver doesn't go with. Make a statement, Millie, wear the bling!
    Clare x

  11. Go the silver Mills - after all, you can be comfy and fab all at the same time, and if it's good enough for Heidi, then I'd say it's good enough for the rest of us mere mortals! K xx

  12. Oh dear Millie, you are throwing caution to the wind putting that out there in cyberspace. I can sympathise with your reasons and probably even desire to be a little like you in wearing this downright ugly but comfy footwear but I'm thrilled to hear you only wear them in the confines of your own property. I could not succumb no matter what, so not really qualified to give my opinion I'm afraid. But do keep your feet firmly on the ground this year.

    Jennifer XX

  13. Love it - my Birk's don't look anywhere near as nice as either of yours! I so go for it. Mine stay in the house too..lol.

  14. Great shoes! I have always wanted a pair of Birkenstocks! You gotta have a dream, right? xxoo

  15. What do you mean Heidi made them legit?? Ahem, hello?? Once YOU started wearing them, legitimacy was only a Adelaide social page photo away. Nice to see that Heidi is fashion forward enough to spot your trend. Well done, Millie. I think Ms Klum owes you some commission. Meredy xo.
    p.s. can one really have OTT Birkenstocks? Think not. xo

  16. go for the silver Millie! I up to now would never wear a birkenstock but i gather from your post that they are indeed good for your feet and i would definitely wear the silver in Heidi's latest range. as i live in sunny Queensland it would be perfect! Thanks for the post, would never have even looked at the brand before now! Cathyxx

  17. Hi Millie,
    Great styles! I may be following in your footsteps as my feet are so hugely swollen that my doctor suggested I start wearing Birkenstocks. ; )

  18. Ooooer this is a bit out of my comfort zone. Silly really, because they would be exactly that - comfortable - Hey go for the gorgeous silver, anything to pretty them up gets a big tick from me.

  19. GO FOR IT!!!
    get the GLITZ.
    i mean if you have to wear them...
    get the most glamorous (hahahah) of the lot.

    i own a pair...and am adding to my collection.
    the thing i hate most???.....
    i am so darn short and these things do not add to the length of my legs.

    do you know of anyone who does heel implants?


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