Monday, August 9, 2010

Plumbing 101

If this image had a head & a face, I swear they would be mine! This past weekend we had plumbing 'issues' involving the grotty old taps over the grotty old kitchen sink. Plumber MOTH came to the rescue - 'Don't worry Mills this will only take me a couple of minutes' was the expert opinion. 9 hours later, numerous trips out in the wind & driving rain to turn the mains supply off, then on, then off, then on - the problem had ballooned from a small, annoying drip requiring a new washer to a full blown plumbing catastrophe. We are talking splashback tiles ripped off in a fit of pique, existing hardware discarded, masses of cussing & cursing from Plumber MOTH & finally, a trip to see his old mate Greg at Stirling Mitre 10.

The problem is not resolved however - the disgusting cheap new tap sets from Greg's chuck out bin that were purchased by a certain stingy Serial Renovator are still sitting in their boxes on the kitchen window sill. When queried this morning when he'd be back to finish the job, Plumber MOTH yelled 'Geez Millie, I'm still traumatized by yesterday's events, just leave it will ya!' The hot tap still requires 30 rotations to get a trickle of water from it, there are only bare bricks now behind the sink & it's taken me nearly an hour to do a small amount of dishes by hand this morning. And he reckons he's traumatized!!

Image: Bernard Touillon



  1. I hope you've got good gloves!
    x Felicity

  2. Millie, could you and MOTH please turn The Laurel Hedge into a reality TV show. I reckon the ratings would rival MasterChef no worries at all :)

  3. Nothing more frustrating or worse than plumbin problems! Wish I could help and also wish I could send you some rhubarb crowns! xxoo

  4. Lol - so sorry.... Just breathe through it.....

  5. Hi Millie,
    this is nearly a "go on strike" situation!!!

    Keep calm and breathe deeply - it will pass!!!


  6. Oh no, that's awful! The kitchen sink must be one of the most used areas in the house! I love Kerry's idea of a reality tv show. It would be brilliant! With your narration of course..Rachaelxx

  7. Millie I can remember how it feels to work with sub-standard equipment remind Moth that means sub-standard meals (yes hit him where it hurts)
    Kind Regards

  8. Well Millie, at least you look seriously elegant in your doing the dishes outfit. But I hope Plumber MOTH is back on the job soon. I do so love your renovators delight stories. Kerry is right, a reality TV show would be hilarious - although maybe not for you!
    Amanda xx

    P.S I have an award for you on my blog.

  9. So sorry Millie ... I really hope that Moth will get this sorted real soon. Nothing more frustrating.

    I hope that your week will be better.

  10. I'm going to convince my 16yo son that he wants to be a plumber and then when he's qualified and living on his own I'm going to buy the house next door to him. Hope you get this sorted soon Millie.
    (Just on the quiet, I wouldn't mention plumbing to A-M today)

  11. OK Mills
    Maybe you have the Tim the Toolman!! hahaha
    I have a great visual now of a destroyed kitchen.. Good luck with that! xxx Julie

  12. I'm sorry you've had such awful plumbing problems! I love the picture of your kitchen. It is so gorgeous. I love the white, clean look that it has.


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