Friday, August 6, 2010


What a massive week that was - it was soooo good to get home last night & stay there. This weekend I need to rest my weary feet & overloaded brain, renew my acquaintance with a very neglected MOTH & speak only if I absolutely have to! The Conference was crazy busy, but it was wonderful to catch up with people I only see once a year at this Meeting. My boss reckoned our Trade Display morphed into Millie's Kissing Booth - after nearly 20 years doing this job, there's lots of people to kiss & cuddle! The breakfast symposium yesterday morning was without a doubt the most successful I've ever done - so it was really worth the frightening 4.30a.m. start. Have a wonderful weekend.
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  1. Good for you Millie! Congratulations on a job well done.

    - Emma

  2. Welcome home Millie.
    I hope that you and Moth have a beautiful relaxing weekend.


  3. So glad you had a great week... now put yer feet up! A-m xx

  4. OH Millie, it sounds like it was a great success for you. Wish I were there to spread some of that love! :) hee hee

    Now, it's time for R & R for you!!


  5. I'm amazed Millie at how you keep up your wonderful blog when you have such an important job.
    Not at all surprised about the Millie Kissing Booth though; if you deploy as much charm and humour at work as you do at The Laurel Hedge how could everyone not want to come and see you - I'd be there at the front of the line!

  6. It sounds as though you had a wonderful time! It must be nice to put your feet up and relax :)

    Have a great weekend, Millie!


  7. Sounds like a hectic but hugely successful week Millie. Well done! Love the sound of Millies kissing booth!

  8. Sounds like you had some fun.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. So you guys have "lusty dogs."

  9. Hope you get the Rest You Need over the weekend...Glad it all went Ok..

  10. Welcome home Millie! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

  11. Wow, well done Millie, good job!

    Have a wonderful deserve it :)

  12. Yeah for you!!! I hope that you both enjoy some well-deserved pampering over the weekend and that it is full of many spoiling moments.
    x Felicity
    PS Thank you for stopping by and leaving your usual dose of sunshine. x

  13. Millie bravo to you my sweet friend. You I hope have your feet up & being waited on hand & foot by your dear MOTH wearing an adorable manly apron & holding a tea tray. I think I've been watching too many made for t.v. movies?!!

    Wishing you a great new week. I think you need to rest those lips. xoxo

  14. Hi Millie, glad to hear the conference was a success and the effort was all worth it in the end. Hopefully you get to take a little time out to recover!

  15. I bet you are everyone's favourite, Millie. Hope MOTH has been rubbing those feet and spoiling you over the weekend. I can just hear him threatening to set up a 'kissing booth' for him too!
    Clare x

  16. Hey Millie
    Well sounds like you have been working up a storm... I can just see that Millie kissing booth now!!

    Hope you had a restful weekend... xxx Julie

  17. Millie's Kissing Booth? - priceless x

  18. Hello - I came by from Mise's blog Pretty Far West, liked your comment about children and how when they are grown you wait like a cat on a hot tin roof for an invite to go over and then check their fridge for food, I thought that was so true (and so sweet!)

    Glad your conference went well despite the scary sounding 4.30am start - does that hour even exist? :)

  19. Well done Millie, is there nothing you can't do? Rachaelxx

  20. ahh, a Millie kissing booth, sounds great, I wonder what MOTH thought about that one :)

    sending a hand written RSVP sounds lovely Millie, not dinosaur at all.
    I sent some mail off today & asked for stamps & not just a printout, was lovely to see.
    happy week to you ♥


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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