Monday, August 23, 2010

You're Getting Sleepy......

Close your eyes MOTH.

Listen carefully to the sound of my voice as you relax deeper & deeper. In a few short moments you will be completely relaxed.

Deeper and deeper you relax, deeper and deeper.

Now repeat after me:
  • From this moment on I need to be honest about my inability to say no to clients. I acknowledge that I crave acceptance from others, but understand that saying no isn't going to cause instant rejection & the end of the world.

  • Say no to a new job I don't have time for, even if it's the second wife of the cousin of the brother of a neighbour of a prevous client who'd recommended me. This means I can finish all my current jobs, making sure the client is happy & pays my invoice pronto & keeps Millie & the Bank Manager off my back.

  • I must be firm when saying no. I mustn't be defensive or overly apologetic, just say no. This gives the right signals that I will not easily change my mind if pressured.
For the rest of your life MOTH, whenever I click my fingers and say the words 'icy cold beer' you will instantly go back into a trance & be able to say no to anyone (Millie being the exception), at any time.

In the next few moments I will count from 1 to 5. When I reach the number 5 I will click my fingers & you will be completely awake and totally empowered to say the no word next time someone wants a quote for a new job.

Yes, as predicted on Friday MOTH went into total melt-down this weekend about too much work. Thank goodness the rain held off, so I high-tailed it out to the garden both days & hid, pretending to be busy. All the while he ranted & raved alone in the Bathroom-From-Hell about never having time to do our reno. at a pleasurable pace, while finishing off the prep. work for the shower screen Installers today. His cell-phone went strangely AWOL until Sunday night....somehow it had found its way into the glovebox of my car, it had 18 missed calls. Yep, things were that desperate.
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  1. OH my Lord - I can not even begin to tell you how familiar this all sounds. Stew has been paving around our house for aprox. 2 years & is in banking with an out of control workload, he has this kind of meltdown on a very regular basis - the problem is that he can only blame himself b/c he is the one who decides to take it all on & try to save everyone else's world.....


  2. Cripes!!
    A womans got to do what a womans got to do!!

  3. I love your last 2 posts. It makes me feel that it is not only 'I' that cannot say no .. perhaps he too is a Virgo??? Hope Monday has rolled around and all is calming down a bit for you. Have a wonderful week (-:

  4. Hmmm, I think someone needs a little holiday.....

  5. You are one sassy-lass!
    To be able to hypnotise your hubby AND respond with a convincing guilt-free "No" when he asked if you'd seen his mobile. I'm liking your style.
    x Felicity

    PS: Have just finished a great book and easy read titled "From Burnout to Balance in Four Weeks" by Paul Lanthios you might like to take a look before it's too late.x

  6. I suppose it should be comforting to know I'm not alone in dealing with the 'I can't say no' husbands. Amazed the phone managed to be AWOL all weekend, that would constitute a disaster of major proportions in this household.

  7. Oh Millie I feel your pain, my hubby has an electrical contracting business & cant bear to let anybody down either. They only seem to know go go go & crash & meltdown. Good on you for hiding the phone. People need to learn there is such a thing as calling in business hours!!!

  8. hahahaha I kept sitting here chuckling at your post. It's funny, but it's not, but it is! hahaha. I was wondering how MOTH dealt with all of the deadlines this weekend! Good idea to run to the garden for awhile! :D


  9. Oh dear, so familiar! I've learned the hard way..close to breakdown and all! Hang in there. He is lucky to have you my friend. Have a great week.


  10. 18 missed calls - that is pretty busy. I hate voicemail personally I can't bear it when I get that message up.

    Poor MOTH. He does need to learn to say no. I know why he does it - he works for himself and he is afraid that one day the work will run out. I am just like that and so is my husband. I sympathise. xoxo

  11. Hi Millie,
    I do the same when dear husband is not in a cheerful mood... I hide.. in the garden, in the bedroom, in the bathroom... but he always has a way of finding me!

    Great post.. hope things slow down and the hypnosis work : )

    Thanks for your lovely visit...


  12. MOTH is lucky he has you to look after him. I hope it all calms down for a while.

    I think most peoples' nature is always to say yes for fear of letting other people down - in the end we only let ourselves down. I've learned that the hard way.

    Loved how you can make such a hard situation so humorous with your writing - it is a great ability to have.

    Sandy K

  13. Poor MOTH, I empathise..I've slowly learned to say no. I used to fall in a big hole when I'd taken too much on and I'm better at staying out of the hole now! Rachaelxx


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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