Monday, August 2, 2010

Feed Me, Feed Me!

Normally this would have been MOTH's catch cry, but the No Fat Ever Again diet has put a sudden halt to that. However, a few months ago it was all the camelias in our garden screeching this at top note. They do like a feed up in late Summer, but somehow last year they got missed & were not happy about it.

So this year, MOTH heeded their call & fed them up liberally with his Seven Secret Herbs & Spices recipe & boy, oh boy have they responded! The big old spruce in the background is in another area of our garden.

However on Saturday the Hills were subjected to another big Winter storm - heavy rain, hail & high winds. Yesterday morning MOTH stumbled out to get the paper & came back inside to report that the wind had snapped off a large, heavily laden branch of one of my favourite camelias right by the front door. Not wanting to despatch the lot to the compost, I tried to rescue as many of the flowers as I could, so this morning, they are inside everywhere.

A florist I'm not, but they look ever so pretty thrown willy-nilly into a tall glass cylinder on the kitchen table.

And in the Hallway.

And here's just a few of the different varieties currently giving us much pleasure in the garden. I popped a few of them into a set of crystal trifle dishes that Mum & Dad received as wedding presents in 1948. They sit in the cupboard gathering dust mostly, so it's lovely to be able to use them. They are a delighful reminder of the delectable desserts served in them by my darling Mum.



  1. Yes they have been amazing this year haven't they. The only issue is that they just don't seem to last that long in a vase.

    How about a post on MOTH's secret herbs and spices. I would be most grateful, we are just using blood and bone. xoxo

  2. Millie they look divine - camellia's & I don't mix well unfortunately - I have even managed to kill an entire hedge of them once. I love them in your mum's little glass bowls, reminds me of my mum.


  3. Stunning MIllie...I spotted camelia's when I was back in OZ...spring was in the air!!!

    Jeanne :)

  4. What gorgeous flowers Millie! I think we have a camelia bush right by our front door. Puts on a spectacular show in the spring! xxoo

  5. Just gorgeous Millie. A-M xx

  6. Hi Millie
    I haven't posted a comment for a while but I read your blog everyday. Love camellia's.
    Can't wait for Moth to be REALLY famous either.
    Kind Regards

  7. There's nothing better than a bit of willy-nilly arranging of camelias to get your Sunday off to a good start, is there, Mill's !!!! hehe.
    I can't believe that your camellia's are out now. , although, are you coming into Spring now ? I get so mixed up with all this topsey-turvey weather thing !!
    Whatever season you are in, they are beautiful and it's just a shame that the wind blew them over.I love that you put them in your mum and dad's trifle dishes. Perfect. Ours often get a touch of frost, just as they are at thier best and the flowers go brown.
    MOTH'S secret recipe of seven herbs and spices worked a treat though. Oh, he is a man of many talents. You are so lucky to have him !! How's the BFH coming on ?!! Love you MOTH !!!! XXXX

  8. That is one flower I truly miss....Congratulations to the green thumbs in your family....xv

  9. Gorgeous flowers! I only have roses so no flowers here till spring :)


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