Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dancing On The Ceiling

Oh joy - the Bathroom-From-Hell has a complete ceiling! MOTH has been struggling with the worst Man Cold & subsequent chest infection for the past 10 days, so reno. work has only been done in very short bursts, but at least the plasterboard is up. This image of an OTT ornate ceiling is for no other reason than to give MOTH some perspective when he next whinges about the work involved on ours.

I know it's rivetting stuff, so breathe deeply now to control your excitement.

I had to stand in the shower alcove to take this. I struggled to contain myself.

At least I don't have to look at this any more. Yep, the dust laden, vermin ridden, breathtakingly flammable straw ceilings that were in every room of our 'lovely' house even extended into the bathrooms. Not sure what the architects were smoking when they made that decision in 1972, but you can bet it didn't come out of a B&H box!

Image 1: Catholic In Japan Images 2 & 3: Millie In Bathroom



  1. Flammable straw?????... why?... another James Hardie brainwave perhaps? A-M xx

  2. A thatched straw ceiling was used in the Boyd Baker House in Victoria. Maybe the architects were very eco?

  3. Straw ceilings???!! Seriously??!! LOL!

    Wishing MOTH better very soon, we know he cannot wait to show that finished BFH off to us Hedgies ;) xx

  4. I hope he feels better soon. Men are not good at being sick. Or at least mine isnt.Fiona

  5. Hi Millie,

    Oh my! straw ceilings and yes, you would wonder why!
    I can sympathize with Moth as I had that cough for a week or so, it is awful, especially at night when you are trying to sleep.
    Hope that he is feeling better soon.

    Happy Wednesday

  6. mmmm I'm with A-M here...straw?? What were they thinking. Can't wait to see the final reveal Millie and I hope MOTH feels better soon.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  7. Yes I agree the straw is hideous but I think it is used for insulation a bit like that wattle daub houses in Medieval times.

    I am very excited for your new bathroom. Especially looking forward to the alcove. xoxo

  8. straw ceilings! Wow...I bet you'll sleep better when all of those are gone! Hope MOTH feels better soon!

  9. Straw ceilings??? I wonder if it provides you with better insulation? Well done on getting that bathroom together. I bet you can't wait to actually use it. ;-)

  10. That MOTH, such a good mate- slaving through the renovation even when sick as a horse.... good man that MOTH!!

    You're almost there dear Millie; I'm chillin' the champagne!


  11. Oh it's coming along nicely. Poor MOTH, are you really such a whip cracker? Can't wait to see the end result. Oh hang on, I think I said that last time. Get goin' MOTH.

  12. Did the three little pigs build your house too? I sympathise. But Moth is doing a great job, in spite of his serious health condition. Bravo! K xx

  13. Hi Millie,
    I LOVE your strategy of the comparative ornate ceiling photo. I'll have to remember to use that next time Hubby thinks I'm working him too hard.
    And I so know how exciting dry wall is! Congratulations - you're getting so close to being done!!!!

  14. Nice you'll miss that.. A ceiling is incredibly exciting! Closer and closer.. By the way, I loved the U-turn stuff, we Aussies are quite something.. Rachaelxx

  15. Oh no . . . the dreaded man cold. Trust you spoiled him with Lem Sips and lots of TLC. What a nightmare those ceilings are! How scary!

  16. If you only knew how envious I am of your bathroom...straw ceiling and all!!!!!!

    Hope MOTH is feeling better.

  17. I can't believe you had straw ceilings..I have seen it all now, looks like progress was made!

  18. Oh Mill's.... Things just wont be the same at The Laurel Hedge when the BFH is finished. !!!! ......although I'm sure that you don't agree and I'm sure that there are plenty more FH's to take it's place !! If it's anything like our house, once we have finished all of the rooms, the first one needs doing again !!
    Lots of love to MOTH and hope he is on the mend soon. I know what those man colds are like !! XXXX

  19. I had a friend in the 80's in Canberra who had a very modern eco house that we all envied, her electricity bills were near to zero. She had straw ceilings it was perceived to be very good insulation. I don't really think they thought 30 years down the road to vermin ridden, disintegrating and probably mould infested ceilings!


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