Friday, October 8, 2010

Jigsaw Pieces

Sadly, our 3 fireless-nights ended last evening. Spring has gone back into hiding here in the Hills & it was freezing again. An arduous week of crunching numbers at work is over thank goodness & my weekend starts today. The second to last piece in the Bathroom-From-Hell reno. jigsaw falls into place on Sunday. MOTH's wanted to put the new ceiling in last, & he managed to install half a couple of weekends ago. The other half will go up on Sunday & we are almost there. The last thing to do is the special manufacturing of a very large inset mirror, & we couldn't measure up for that until the ceiling was in. I'm trying to keep a lid on my excitement, but the Another Room Completed butterflies are starting to flutter in my tummy.

Thank you to everybody who left such precious comments on Sunday's Pink Post, they meant so much to me. I picked the very last of our Winter camelias yesterday & was able to mix in some glorious Spring cherry blossom that's just starting to flower. The house has been a riot of pinks over the past 2 dreary, grey months, with our camelias enjoying a bumper year & I'll miss them like crazy as the weather warms up. A happy weekend to you all, dear Hedgies.



  1. What a wonderful display.

    I do envy you the bounty of beauties that you can harvest in your cooler clime.

    Enjoy the weekend and all it affords you,

    x Felicity

  2. Lovely Camelias, so happy and bright.
    We have had to fire up the heater again too. It feels a little wicked to have the fire roaring when the sun is trying desperately to peep through the clouds.

  3. Hi Millie
    Love the camelia display. They are my favourite flower but I've never had any success growing then down here on the plains.
    Thank you for another week of fabulous posts. Your pink post was really moving. As always I love to read your blog.
    Kind regards
    PS: I've got butterflies for you The excitment of another room down

  4. Gorgeous flowers! Wow, so the bathroom is almost finished...I can't wait to see how it looks! The bathrooms are the next thing to be tacked in my house too! Happy weekend. Tracey xx

  5. absolutely beautiful Millie.
    hope you have a wonderful weekend, it should warm up again, it's been raining here a little today.

  6. I can't believe the BFH is coming to an end. I can't wait for the next ?FH project, although I know you're gonna need a break between projects Millie! Enjoy your fire Millie, we've just had to crank up the aircon up here... disgustingly humid. Blah! I'd much rather be snuggling than sweating. A-M xx

  7. Beautiful flowers.
    Soon the bathroom will be ready!

    have a great weekend!


  8. Gorgeous flowers - wish I had a garden to pick my own flowers! Apartment living in Hong Kong doesn't really lend itself to green, leafy, outdoor spaces:( Ho hum...

  9. I think you must have very similar camellia trees to ours! I cannot wait for your bathroom to be finished. You will appreciate it all the more because of the long journey it had to make from hell to heaven. xo

  10. Your flowers look lovely. I'm afraid my Camelias finished weeks ago thanks to the warm Perth weather. I'm sure Spring will pop on back to you soon:)

  11. Loving those camelias!
    I'll be eagerly awaiting the bathroom-from-hell "AFTER" shots.
    Thanks for your comment. Trust me, my "motivation" comes at a cost, ie the ironing pile is up to the ceiling (for once I'm grateful for our low stud), windows need cleaning, kitchen cupboards could use a wipe down, I could go on....

  12. Bring on the butterflies! I can only imagine how exciting it would be to have yet another new room redone! The flowers are gorgeous! XX!

  13. Look at that beautiful arrangement!!! I love seeing what you have growing in your garden and also your astonishing renovations. Can't wait to see the final reveal. Happy Weekend to you and MOTH. Love, Heidi

  14. Beautiful arrangement, looking forward to the bathroom reveal.

  15. Yes what's with spring giving up the ghost... It's been miserable and overcast here.. and a bit chilly... Love your spash of pink,... think I'm needing some fresh flowers myself... that should liven things up...

    Have a lovely weekend Millie.. good news about the bathroom reno moving along.. xxx Julie

  16. Millie,
    The flowers are just beautiful. I'm dreading our first frost - the end of my flowers until next spring.

    I've taken time to do some archive reading and discovered your '7 Things' post - it was so interesting.

    Thanks for leaving a note on my last post. Have a wonderful weekend. Rita

  17. Such wonderful camelias!!!!Absolutely beautiful post, Millie! Have a nice sunday

  18. I hope you have had a warm and relaxing weekend Millie.......How I miss those glorious about spark the childhood memories.....Every Sunday when I was small I would garden with my father and that meant the camelias mostly......Such a lovely bouquet...enjoy them, xv.

  19. I'm so excited about the almost, maybe, somewhat, close-to, on the verge finished bathroom from hell reveal!!! Your camelias are stunning!


    Hedgie Joan

  20. A beautiful arrangement Millie..I just love an Australia garden full of camelias. It looks like you have the best of the bunch.

    Best wishes for a wonderful week!

    Jeanne xx

  21. Hi Millie,

    What a beautiful vase of flowers.
    We have rain and cold weather back here today and last night we had to turn the heater on.
    That is great news to almost be there with the bathroom! Can't wait to see the big reveal.

    Happy week


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