Thursday, October 14, 2010

Medical Matters

'OK, I'll take Millie, you'll have to put up with MOTH. I'll go & set up the dual oxygen tanks now. Geez Daphne, this is going to be the toughest assignment we've had in ages, they're both as cranky as all get up.'

Yep you guessed it, MOTH's passed on his chest infection to me & I've folded like a deck of cards. Over & out from me for a few days.

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  1. My children have just passed theirs on to me...I feel your pain Millie. Feel better soon :) xx

  2. Poor you!
    I hope that Daphne & Co. are gentle with you and MOTH and that you are able to get some rest and and someone will make you a lovely batch of organic chicken soup with lots of chilli, ginger and garlic to swipe away the gremlins.

    x Felicity

  3. Feel better tout de suite and thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade!


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  4. You may be down Millie, but your sense of humour is always up! Hope you feel better very soon.

  5. Oh no Mill's .... and I thought that MOTH was just being a 'man' !!
    Sending get well wishes from the UK to the both of you ! XXXX

  6. oh, who are you kiddin'... that's you on the Left in the photo isn't it Miss Millie?!! So sorry you're 'under' the weather down 'under' :(... (sorry it's the martini talking!)
    Hope you feel mucho better soon!

  7. Sick but still funny... made me laugh. Hope you feel like laughing yourself in a few days or sooner. A x

  8. Oh dear. Husbands do have a way of sharing their illnesses - hope you feel better very soon!

  9. Oh No Millie.. Hope you both feel better soon... nothing worse than flu in spring.. although it's not very spring like is it?... xxx Julie

  10. I hope you both are well soon. I seem to be suffering with it too. I think we all need to see some sunshine! ;-)

  11. May the force be with you Mill's....chicken soup and loads of alcohol (to dull the pain:)

  12. Only you can make a chest infection funny.. I had a couple of them this past winter, not fun. Get well soon..Rachaelxx

  13. Oh you poor dear Millie.
    I can sympathize with you and Moth, V and I both had it and I seemed to cough for about a week.
    Hope that you are both feeling better soon.

    Sending well wishes and hugs to you both.

  14. Those two look more like they may take a whip to you rather than administer loving care.....

  15. Oh you poor dear thing....hope you don't have the headache as well!

    It's raging here chesty cough, intermittent headache and aching muscles but they tell me it's not the flu!!!

    Stay snug and warm and get better soon xx

  16. Very funny approach! Get better soon. Iris.

  17. Oh dear Millie...the both of you! Sending best wishes across the sea for a speedy recovery to you both. It sounds like separate rooms may be in order for the weekend!

    Simone is featuring 'Man Cold' on her post today...
    what is it with men and colds??? Women on the other hand...we are perfect in every way.

    Best wishes for a restful weekend to you both Millie.

    Jeanne :)

  18. Feel much better Millie. Green tea and rest.

  19. Oh no! I hope you get well soon and recover quicker. Rest up and be very kind to yourself.Fiona

  20. I hope its a quick recovery for you, Millie!

  21. what is this?
    you are sickie poo?

    feel better soon!

  22. Uh-oh. Hope you're both feeling better soon, my friends! xx

  23. Millie.Millie..Millie..Moth..Moth.. - We let us hope that now that Moth passed he'll be attending to your every whim. Sending many get-well wishes to you sweet Millie xo xo

  24. sweet of him to share! Feel better!

  25. Hubby is fighting a cold.
    Hope you two are soon feeling better!!
    The bath is certainly making great progress.


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