Friday, October 1, 2010

A Slight Distraction

Darling Willow, I wanted so much to attend the Third Annual Willow Manor Ball, but just couldn't make it on the night. I've had one very big week at work & well, one thing led to another. Everything went like a dream at my client dinner on Wednesday night, thanks to all the words of support & encouragement from my gorgeous bloggie friends.

As you can see I was all ready to leave for The Manor.......I'd slipped into my beautiful dress, pinned my hair up & my scrumptiously handsome partner had arrived to accompany me. And then it struck, a shattering blinding headache that left me pinned to the sofa. It was light outs for me my dear, but I'm sure not for you. Your evening looked the best & I'm devastated to have missed it. xx Millie

Image: Norman Parkinson



  1. Shame darling you missed one great bash. Sure hope you feel better for next year.

  2. Gosh, Millie...after that huge effort on Wednesday who could blame you? I started having heart palpitations just reading about it. You are an inspiration. When's the book of "What Millie did next" coming out? Get writing! Don't hide your light under a bushell:) Meredy xo.

  3. Same time ~ next year! Be well ...

  4. Oh, I am so sorry. We did have Yuri Zhivago on hand to tend any aches or pains you might have had. (One look into his eyes would cure any of my ailments!) You do look divine, I must say! Feel better soon, my friend!

  5. As he lowered his mouth to nuzzle her neck she saw the glint of his fangs, alas it was too late, she slowly surrendered to his passion.

  6. Don't worry Millie, the lead up post and now this one were pretty damn good! Really glad to hear your big night went well :)

  7. Oh, no! Glad things went well for you, but certainly hope you get to feeling better! XX!

  8. Oh no :( Hope you are feeling better Millie.

    Yes, the knitted lobster was great wasn't it :)

    Hope you get some rest this week-end xx

  9. Hi Millie,

    How lovely that your big night went off well.
    Now hope that you can find some time to relax this weekend and have some Millie time.


  10. i can't believe you didn't attend.
    i was looking everywhere for you!!!
    i am sorry about the headache though.

    i hope it is better by now.
    much love, renee

  11. Dear Millie,
    I am here for the first time. And yes the Willow Ball was simply divine! We had a blast!

    See you next year...


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