Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whistle Blower

I've lucked in with the Postie over the past week!

Pam from pixelimpress has been a wonderful supporter of The Hedge from almost the first day. She is a very talented designer & I ordered some goodies from her etsy store here.

The pixelimpress 2011 desktop calendar.

A pack of 10 gorgeous chartreuse flower silhouette notecards & envelopes.

And a set of 5 pretty pink herringbone XOXO gift tags in black sketched block letters. You need to pay Pam a visit NOW!

I was lucky enough to win the most exquisite drawing from a give-away hosted by the lovely Julia Christie at Serendipity - A Mother's Tale. Julia's artwork is superb & I feel very privileged to now have one of Julia's beautiful pieces here at The Hedge. I'm about to frame it, so will show you where I've placed it very soon.

I couldn't resist these posters over at The Love Shop. They arrived from Melbourne & I adore them. This one is going somewhere very special.

And this one is for the Christmas stocking of a certain son.

And finally, this arrived yesterday from my favourite online beauty store, Strawberry Net in Hong Kong. A certain person who passed on this evil bug to me was feeling guilty, so let me do a little shopping for all my war paint with his credit card. All my favourite YSL lippies & lashings of Dior & YSL French Navy mascara at half the price he'd normally have to pay in DJ's. No comments please about the Clarins Extra-Firming Foundation, at my age I need to accept all the help I can for the saggy bits! He is almost forgiven.



  1. Millie
    I would say that you have some seriously good finds here.You just gave me a few great ideas for Christmas presents this year...and to the the extra firming foundation..I say bring it on. I am with you. I will take it any way I can get it :))

    Jeanne xx

  2. Well well Millie, looks like Christmas came early at the Laurel Hedge!
    I read your comment at Collage of Life - you are far too modest; The LH has been one of my very favourite blogs from the start (remember!), and you always manage to get the balance just right.
    Love those framed words of wisdom.

  3. I love the post. It is so exciting these days!! And Strawberry Net how I love thee.

  4. Ooooo, lots of luverly things, Mill's !!
    I love them all although, I hope that MOTH won't be using the gift tags, as he did such a wonderful Christmas gift wrapping masterclass last year and was looking forward to another !!
    .... also, you use my favourite mascara....YSL mascara is the only one I will use. I sometimes try another, just in case it will be as good but, it never is !
    Enjoy all of your goodies. ..... lovely pressies, especially after the bug that you have had. XXXX

  5. At first glace Mill, I thought ou were saying those beauty products were for your son! Note to self - must read captions more carefully. Love the goodies you've shared, and as a newby to Etsy selling myself, I love to see what other talented people come up with - so inspiring. K xx

  6. Isn't it fun getting such goodies in the mail? Glad you are feeling better, Millie!

  7. so glad you liked your pixelimpress goodies millie. i love it when they go to a good home! off to check out those posters. pam

  8. love all your purchases, am specially jealous of the last package you recieved. you might have inadvertently ordered the clarins. you must be exhausted entering all the credit card numbers and you surely deserve a break i must say! have a great week...verbena cottage

  9. Hi Millie,

    This is a lovely start to your week and love all your goodies.
    How nice that you got some early
    Christmas gifts.
    The framed quotes are great.

    Have a wonderful week

  10. good for you Millie, a good shopping spree certainly will perk you up after you've been unwell!


  11. I got a bit mixed up and thought the Estee Lauder was for your son. Then I re read. Very thoughtful of MOTH to agree to such a purchase to restore a poor sickly wife to her former glory.

  12. The poor postie would've been working overtime with all your lovely parcels. I've not heard of strawberry net. Perhaps this may be life changing news for my purse? xx

  13. Oh wonderful strawberry net, full of percentage discounts so that you one feels one's glam new parfum is actually free. What lovely new things you have, and I particularly love those stylishly simple gift tags.


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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