Monday, October 25, 2010

In The Jungle

Things are pretty quiet in our jungle garden at the moment, although Spring is starting to show herself here in the Hills. Here's what I saw on an amble around the property yesterday with my dodgy, almost caput camera. My very favourite rhododendron is out in full bloom. I do love the big, blousy pale pink blossoms this tree outside our sitting room window gives us. Here.....

.......and here.

This big clump of self-sown Arum lilies appears out of the blue each year by the pond.

My most treasured camelia is almost finished. This is one of the last blooms on the tree. I can lie in bed in the morning & see her in all her glory during the winter months - she makes me very, very happy.

This massive clump of bamboo sits in a remote part of the garden. At its highest point it must be at least 50 feet high.

The pretty little native violets are everywhere throughout the garden. They are magical ground-cover.

Just a couple of late flowers left on a huge camelia in the front garden. I love the big tight double blooms on this tree.

I forgot to cut back this big lavender by the front door this year. It's somewhat out of control, but it's lovely to see it covered in bees, basking in the sunshine. We had a less than productive weekend, as MOTH decided that the ceiling he installed in the Bathroom-From-Hell wasn't up to his more-perfect-than-perfect standards. So he tore it down & redid it (oh the mess!!). And as none of the sons were around, I was his labourer - up the ladder holding all the plasterboard in place with my hands & my head, while he nailed it all in. The things I'll do for a new bathroom! I'm still coughing & spluttering my way around, I have a feeling that MOTH's bug is going to inhabit my body for quite some time before moving on to its next victim!



  1. Looks like you have a lovely garden Millie :) Mine has roses and if they establish themselves, one day white agapanthus in front of the house. In my defence, I find it hard when you build a house in the middle of a paddock, but the garden is slowly getting there.

  2. Such a perfect start to pink ribbon day Millie. A beautiful garden you have. Hope you start to feel better soon. A-M xx

  3. oh, your spring flowers are beautiful, millie! do hope you shake that nasty bug. and even more hope that the bathroom project is almost done! pam

  4. Thanks for wandering around your pretty garden with us, Millie. Just glorious. I posted some photos yesterday of almost identical rhododendrons. They really lift your spirits, don't they? J x

  5. mills
    your property is fantastic.
    these flowers are gorgeous.


  6. Hi Millie,

    Your garden must be a real delight, love all the beautiful flowers and can imagine all the sweet smells, especially from the violets.
    I do hope that you can shake off that nasty flu.
    Have a great week


  7. I LOVE those rhododendrons. Coming from Queensland, that's one of the flowers I really admire in the southern states as they just won't grow up there. We have beautiful camelias in our garden here in Sydney, about 30 of them some over 40 years old, I'd say. Hope the body snatcher returns you soon.

    Jennifer XX

  8. ahh.. beautiful Millie
    I was just headed over your way when you popped in.. I've been a very slack blogger lately...

    Your garden is fabulous.. wonderful jungle.. I'd be happy.. I have a garden now but more weeds than roses I think... Might need some green thumb lessons from Ms Millie ... So.. there was something in the news recently about Adelaide Hills.. and I've plain forgotten what.. but some controversial construction??? maybe it was MOTH's bathroom reno!! hahahaha... poor you.. still not finished!! You should make him keep schedule with The Block!!! A room a week!!! I'm going to tell Scottie MOTH is falling behind.. You guys could enter next years.. MOTH and MILLS .. good strong aussie names!! hehe

    Ok.. enough of my silliness.. thanks for lovely comment.. and 'I'm working on it'.... truly!!! just a few hiccups... Have a great week.. I'm off to remember what the controversy was.. ciao xxx Julie

  9. Oh nice flowers Millie, bit of inspiration there!

    re comment I had to edit out a naked one (it is a G rated site after all he he) was quite depressing in it's perkiness, so lucky you missed that one Mill's.
    xoxoxo DJ

  10. Looking at all those beauties, I do miss them all up here in Queensland. I lived in Canberra for nearly thirty years and don't miss the cold but do miss those blooms in spring!

  11. Oh how I love the garden in the spring ... lucky you with all the nice weather coming your way!

    Thanks for stopping by, I was away for a while, but glad to be back to bloggerville.

    Speedy recovery from your bug and bathroom!
    Have a great week Millie.

  12. I am sure all the fresh air and hard labour will expel the germs post haste and you will return to your former glory!

  13. Oh Millie - I'm so jealous you are heading into spring. Please feel free to post many, many photos of your beautiful flowers. I hear we are in for a very long winter in the midwest so I'll need a distraction just to get through. :) Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  14. Oh Mill's,
    Such a blaze of colour in your garden. .....all beautiful, from the large rhododendron, to the tiny little violets. also must be hard/lovely, living with a are so good, mucking in !!
    Hope the bug leaves you soon. XXXX


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