Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bespoke Beauty

The word bespoke always rings my bells. It's a word that only the English could have coined & got away with! As we are still in the new kitchen planning process, my radar is always on the look-out for inspiration. While the style is a little conservative for our renovation, there are still lots of great ideas to be 'knicked' (translation for non-Aussies is 'borrowed'!) from this fab room. Especially those 'you beaut' deep serving trays fitted into the cabinetry.


  1. Oh i love 'knicking' ideas as well! - We'll have to compare kitchen reno notes. I've just taken on a house mate so I can afford to do my kitchen!! - Good luck and can't wait to see what you come up with xx

  2. Hi Millie

    I have always been a BIG fan of the Plain Enlish kitchens, thought you might too

  3. Love the lingo- makes me feel quite homesick.

  4. Oy, if you could only hear the "lingo" from these parts...scary stuff sometimes!

    What a huge, clean, bright kitchen! I could bake and bake in that place!

  5. This is the kitchen that I can die for Mill...


  6. Don't you just love the word "bespoke"? Everytime I hear Kevin McCloud say it on Grand Designs I get chills. I think I'm in love with him HAHA.

    Anna :)


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