Monday, September 22, 2008

Bliss by the Bay

One of my very favourite places is Boston. It just exudes style & charm & I fell under its spell from my first visit. I love the history that surrounds the city & the collegiate feel with Harvard & MIT nestling in the Cambridge precint on the outer perimeter. More about Boston in another post, but today I'm wandering out of town, down toward the Atlantic & the spectacular bay area.

Buzzards Bay is surrounded by Cape Cod, Nantucket & Rhode Island Sounds & Martha's Vineyard. This fabulous weekender was designed by Hickox Williams, a well-known Boston firm who specialize in the Cape area.

Although quite imposing externally, I love the relaxed & welcoming interior with its simple uncluttered lines. But the real highlight for me is the widow's walk on the rooftop area! Just imagine the incredible views of the Cape & out into the Atlantic on a clear evening.


  1. It is indeed the perfect beach house. When I get rich & famous I'll have one just like it! :)
    Thanks for the inspiring photos!

  2. Amazing property. So grand from outside , cosy and welcoming inside

  3. That's a House! Love the windows and doors...bathroom...pool house...I could go on and on. Great post Millie. Ness xx

  4. I saw the title of the post and thought you were talking about Glenelg and then I saw the photos! he he. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING x

  5. I could get used to living there! What an entry! And the pool is gorgeous. You could lose the kids in a house that size (which isn't necessarily a bad thing?!)

  6. Too gorgeous for words - if that is for the weekends, I would like to see the Monday - Friday home!
    What a beautiful area, I have always wanted to go to Boston and the surrounding weekend/holiday spots.


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