Friday, September 19, 2008

Jardins Secrets

Images Jardins Secrets

After a very busy week working in Sydney I need a relaxing weekend in beautiful surroundings & I know just the place! We'll fly into Paris & then board the TGV for quick 3hr. trip through the French countryside to the ancient town of Nimes in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Tucked away behind a secret walled garden on the rue Gaston Marruejols is the exquisite Jardins Secret.

Originally an 18th century coaching Inn, this stunning building is now a delightful boutique hotel. After a morning spent relaxing by the pool in the garden surrrounded by olive trees, old garden roses & the perfume of orange blossom, we'll take a leisurely trip into Uzes to Place aux Herbes where ateliers selling linen quilts, brocantes & antiques can be found in abundance. Picking up some regional produce from the market stalls, the famous Jardins de la Fontaine gardens back in Nimes are the perfect place for a leisurely picnic lunch. Of course a visit to the Pont du Gard, the ancient heritage-listed aqueduct build by the Romans to bring drinking water from Uzes to Nimes is a must.

Later in the afternoon, a walk along the secluded beach of Beauduc in Porte de St Louis, rounds off a wonderful day. Back at Jardins Secrets a spa treatment awaits us & then a table on the terrace at Aus Plaisirs des Halles on rue Littre is ours for the evening. Delicious Provencal food & of course, a bottle or two of the amazing red wine that the Languedoc region is so famous for.

So my friends Bienvenue en Nimes!


  1. Beautiful, especially the jardin!
    I love that region of France.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Can I fit in your bag Millie? You had me with the Orange Blossoms and Olive Trees!! Have a lovely Weekend. Nessxx

  3. and if you are that close Millie you must visit me in St Remy de Provence too!

    Love your weekend plans....

  4. Great itinerary. That region is magical. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. You forgot the part where you swing in to the U.S and pick me up to go with!

    Breathtaking pictures...have a great weekend!

  6. Oh breathtakingly beautiful. France is my most favourite destination. We are planning a summer there in 2010. I want my boys to experience the beauty with Mummy and Daddy. We'll cycle, explore and eat! What a wonderful post! A-M xx

    Love the photos... I think I will do a couple paintings from this post... VERY inspiring!
    16,000 to NYC... WOW... that's CRAZY! I hope it's a better price to Jardins Secret!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  8. Millie thats sounds and looks positively heavenly. I'm there with bells on!
    Happy Weekend!

    Anna :)

  9. Curious ...............

    I was in Nimes last night, too.

    I'm amazed that you missed the closed centre with the roads filled with restaurants, bars and the concert stages of fiesta time.

    The Feria de Vendanges - - has taken over the town, and the major attraction last night was El Julli killing 6 bulls in one session to celebrate his 10 years in "the business".

    More info about Languedoc :

    Photos :


  10. Ah Peter - thanks you for your comments, but traditionally I've posted an 'imaginary' weekend away to somewhere wonderful! For those of us up to our necks in house renovations, kids, work commitments etc., it's a lovely way to escape for a moment or two, & dream a little.
    Millie ^_^

  11. Cozy ambiance, indeed! I love the bathtub most.

    Have a wonderful w/end!


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