Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two Little Gentleman!

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Image Freddie and Ella

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Image Jolie Home

Jake & Alex

We are celebrating the arrival of my niece Carly's new identical twin boys, Jake & Alex. They were born at 38 weeks, what a mighty effort Carls!! But wait, there's more! You see the new babies have 3 other siblings, aged 4, 3 & 18 months. Yes, that's right Carly now has 5 children UNDER 5!

As we are all in baby mode (even our boys have been into the Hospital to see the babies) I couldn't resist a baby-centric post today!


  1. Holy crap! 5 under 5!!! What a saint lol. I bet your life is so much fun! Congratulations to Carly, I applaud you.

    Anna :)

    p.s Argh I get so clucky looking at babies and their wares.

  2. super super cute!! - but 5 under 5???? She is crazy!! x

  3. Good lord that makes me tired. I think I am done after having my one. Heidi

  4. Of course its all about baby! How wonderful! And what a handful.
    Lisa & Alfie

  5. What a clever girl is Carly. Ok very exhausting, but truly fab to have five gorgeous children.
    Congratulations Aunt Millie.

  6. Man, I thought my life was crazy! What a true blessing!

  7. Lovely blog and beautiful pics!...just found it,
    Susannah x

  8. Gorgeous, the babies and the bunnies :)

  9. What gorgeous little boys... makes me very clucky! 5 is a great number to have though, don't you think?!!!


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