Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday


Classic Chair Backs

Iron Vines

Ambition Killed the Cat

A Caged Bird Dreams

Birds of a Feather

Just love these quirky decals from the wonderful Supernice. The Chandeliers & Iron Vines are from Blik Graphics, the gorgeous Classic Chair Back designs are via the very talented Studio Jan Habraken & A Caged Bird Dreams, Birds of a Feather & Ambition Killed the Cat are Threadless Designs work.


  1. Those decals are really taking off in decor these days, aren't they? I love the chandeliers.

  2. Love your blog and love that ambitious cat decal.

  3. Love the Chandeliers! They are great. I can't find one I like enough to put in the shop...maybe I will get one of those. Off to have a look. Thanks for the details. Ness xx

  4. The idea with chandeliers painted on the wall is cool. I love it.

  5. You know Millie, I think you have helped me through my indecision about having a wall decal in my new home. I have seen some beautiful French phrases, in wall decals, which would look just perfect above the planned black rococo sofa in hubby's office. Decision is now final. Thanks! A-M xx

  6. Love those pics!!! Reminds me of something I posted about a few weeks ago, a product from Uppercase Living.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. These are the cutest, I clicked on over to Supernice and found more great stuff. Thanks, Heidi

  8. The new decals keep getting better and better. I love the way these designers have thought outside the box. Unfortunately, decals don't look so great on the yellow panted vjs in my renatal!

  9. I was starting to think that wall decals were so daggy - but then I saw these! Great pics, have a fab time in Sydney xx

  10. I know this is super late (I took a break from blogging now regreting it- I missed so many good posts!)- but I LOVE this concept! How trendy and chic! Thanks for sharing!


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