Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A very significant Birthday!

Today is MOTH's 60th Birthday! I thought it only appropriate to dedicate today's post to him & mark the occasion with a look back on what has been a fantastic 60 years!

This was when MOTH was diving abalone for a living in Tasmania in the early 1980's. It was cold, arduous & dangerous work & here he is enjoying a well-earned beer after a long day in the water. He suffered badly from sea sickness in the wild waters off Tassie's east coast, so his boat was aptly named Yunder Chellow!

On the days when it was too cold to dive, MOTH moonlighted as a model for an Agency in Hobart. All our boys just love to remind him of this (much to his embarrassment) but I think he looked quite gorgeous!

All his life MOTH's greatest passion has been rowing. His rowing career peaked in 1997, at the FISA World Masters Games, where MOTH's crew won the Men's 'C' Coxed Four. That made them the World champions & it was one of his most memorable moments. He's 2nd from right in the photo proudly displaying his Gold medal. We were all so proud of him!

MOTH's total support of my crazy career over the years has never waivered. He has lost count of the number of functions & Dinners he's had to attend as Mr. Millie & here he is at yet another one! Always charming, handsome & diplomatic - what a man!

This pic was taken in Malaysia on our much belated honeymoon. We were all ready to go straight after our Wedding, but believe it or not, my then Boss asked me to cancel to deal with a crisis at work, which I stupidly agreed to! 3 years later we eventually got our wonderful time away.

Sometimes I think MOTH would like it if he was married to someone like Flat Sally, who was silent, compliant & could be put in an envelope & mailed off to some far away place!

Poor MOTH has a huge reputation for attracting food, wine, dirt & just about anything to his clothes. Even at our Wedding, I had to dust him off!

13 years ago, I dragged MOTH off to the altar, kicking & screaming (so he says!). However I reckon he doesn't look under too much duress in this photo!

A very tired, emotional & somewhat dishevelled MOTH @ the end of last Christmas Day. I've only seen him smoke twice in all the years I've known him & this was the 2nd time ('encouraged' by all our boys!)

MOTH's decided to celebrate his birthday in Melbourne, where he grew up & we are all heading over there on Thursday for a very big celebration on Saturday night. Much to my absolute delight, I have managed to get our 5 sons together from all over the country (even Son #1 is flying down from the wilds of far north Western Australia!) & it will be a fantastic evening. Photos next week.

So a very happy birthday my darling - you are much loved by us all!


  1. Happy 60th MOTH! I hope you have a lovely day and all your wishes come true. You are Married to a gem. By the way, you have lead a life to be should be proud of your 60 years. Ness xx

  2. Happy Birthday MOTH!!! That was a wonderful "This is your life" moment your wonderful wife shared with us. Enjoy your day I wish you all the best.

    Anna :)

  3. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the infamous MOTH!!

    Secondly, I thought that first picture was Heath Ledger...hubba hubba!

    I loved seeing these photos. What a nice tribute to moth and may he be blessed with many, many more years. It was really nice to see you too are as cute as I always pictured!

  4. Oh what a wonderful family time together. Happy Birthday MOTH! Enjoy your precious time together and laugh lots! Best Wishes from Sunny Qld, A-M xx

  5. Fabulous post once again Millie - Happy Birthday MOTH! Hope you have a fabulous time in Melbourne (and you get some shopping in for yourself!!) - Can't wait to hear about your time away x

  6. Oh, I haven't been getting around much lately.
    Absolutely LOVE your last 2 posts
    And Happy Birthday to Moth!
    Have a great time!

  7. Happy Birthday MOTH! My Father would have been 60 as well this past Aug. 25. It must have been a great year to be born to have become great men. Heidi

  8. Oh Millie, your husband looks just lovely - hope he has a fabulous day and you have a relaxing little break xx

  9. What a handsome couple you both make. Hope the birthday celebrations are fabulous! Happy Birthday MOTH! Tracey x

  10. Hi Mille! Can't wait to see your week-ends bash.

    Hope you had an enjoyable day with love ones around,


  11. yep....your moth is dashing !

    and you both sound as though you are still very much in love.



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