Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Optimistic Gardener

A welcoming zinc chalk board sign from Coasting Along

String in a Tin from R.K. Alliston

Just love this wall mounted herb holder from R.K. Alliston

A much needed galvanised garden thermometer from Plantstuff

Delightful oak plant labels from R.K. Alliston

A lovely Victorian cloche just perfect for delicate seedlings from Plantstuff

This most swish bird feeder is from Able Gardener

Wooden seed trays from Plantstuff

Gorgeous garden candle lights from Coasting Along

The cutest bird feeder from Sage

Lovely rustic fruit basket from Worm

Love Berryred's nifty fruit picker

A very noble rustic king crown from Garden Boutique

Frances Hilary's Herb Dryer is ultra practical & very pretty

Everyone needs a R.K. Alliston trug

Very pretty traditional seed packets from R.K. Alliston

Worm's glass cloche is just so delightful

Just scoop all the leaves into this jute leaf sac from R.K. Alliston & then store until they mulch down

Wild strawberry plants from Glut - yum!

Even though the weather here in the Hills is still bitterly cold, I'm champing at the bit to get out into our garden. So much has happened over Winter - the ground Ivy has run amok, new self-sown saplings are cheekily appearing at random, the leaves are almost knee high in places on our meadow, pruning is overdue, spring seedlings need to be planted & so it goes!

So in the hope that in the next couple of weeks, the sun may shine for a weekend afternoon, I'll be out amongst it all in a heartbeat. Here's some gorgeous bits & bobs, some practical & useful & some wonderfully frivolous to remind me that the garden is calling!


  1. I love gardens and these pits & pieces are very inspirational!! I have still not started my garden and am itching to do so. I cannot believe it is spring and I still have a pile of dirt in my yard from the renovations!! For now I will just look at these images and dream of my garden that is to come!! Amanda x

  2. Seriously...I just want to live in your blog. I love it!

  3. I love the cutest bird heart feeder most but all the garden pieces are very inspirational as Amanda, said. I do agree too.

    I just done some gardening around the coby house. But too much weeds and am lazy too, so, I came in and lay down instead, §:-))

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  4. There is no chance of growing any gardens like that here, just so Hills though! I can be content in the meantime with string on a tin - one of my favourite things of all time xx

  5. These images are so gorgeous, I'm almost tempted to get out in my the urge just left me. I'll need to pay someone to do it. Have a lovely weekend. Tracey x

  6. As you get ready to till yours, I am harvesting mine and finishing it up...opposite worlds! I love your photos, especially the apple basket hanging in the tree :)

  7. I love the Scissors with the string handles. The weather there must be like here in Tassie. We have a few teaser days, where you can do a bit of Gardening...then it rains, or we get a heavy frost...oh well. Ness xx

  8. You are reminding me too... I need to get back to the garden!
    Lovely photo collection!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  9. Gorgeous images - especially the candle holders. Those gardening details make me want to rush outside and pretend summer is still with me rather than feel that autumnal chill in the air and think of winter!

    Thank you for stopping by French Essence.

  10. I adore the fruit picker... now I WANT one of those... I'd be the envy of the orchard!!!!!

  11. That must be the most beautiful and perfect little garden I have ever seen. It is so serene and peaceful, something out of a Ben Bun book By Potter. It almost makes your forget how much work it takes when you see the pictures. What a fantastic spot Adelaide is!

    -Steven of Ferret & Hound


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