Friday, March 26, 2010

Desk Top

It's never worried me that I've never been able to keep a tidy desk. I like to have some stuff around me, a bit of this & that. I'm immediately suspicious when seeing images of executives being interviewed on telly sitting at a pristine desk devoid of anything but a lap-top. I figure they're a corporate psychopath just about to perpetrate a huge fraud on their Organization & are planning a fast getaway - it's just not natural. After being away from the office most of the week, watching the poor Fellows sweat it out at their exam trials & presentations, things have snowballed. I don't work on Friday's but sadly I'll be desk-bound most of the day trying to clear the back-log. We are still basking in a late Indian summer despite the calendar declaring that it's autumn here in South Australia. This weekend's weather looks to be positively glorious, see you all next week.

Image: Steven Randazzo


  1. I could quite happily work there. I think an empty desk is the sign of an empty mind! Or as you say...a lurking psychopath...good analogy! Enjoy your's glorious here in Canberra too.

  2. Good luck with the paper work Millie. I'm with you, a little bit of a mess on the desk is never a bad thing. Hope you and MOTH get to enjoy the lovely weather over the weekend. Lee :)

  3. Ah Millie, that sounds so unfair. Hope you can get it done quick smart and race out the door!
    My desk is always messy, until I can't stand it and have a big clean up. Oh well, c'est la vie!
    Have a great weekend,
    K xx

  4. You should see the state of mine at the moment!
    I'm with you Mills ... its not natural.
    Enjoy your Indian summer (so envious).

  5. Sorry you'll be at your desk all weekend Millie...Every now and then just crack that whip in MOTH's direction and send him to that bathroom..Have a lovely weekend both of you..Rachaelxx

  6. Thanks for dropping by Moth Design and for the lovely compliments. My desk is a mess right now too but thats ok... at least it's used. xo Erica

  7. I too have an awful time trying to keep my desk tidy, but that's mainly because MONT also uses this desk and when he's doing his bookwork it ends up looking like a bomb's gone off. Awful.
    PS, Millie, I've passed on a little award to you, but please don't feel obliged to follow through if it's not your thing.

  8. Hello Millie;
    I was thinking of my ongoing studio this a.m. and desk top's were on the agenda, what kind, will it work? Not to spend too much, & keep it not heavy! Anyhow, how refreshing to see that your desk top is not perfect either ( mine is make shift until I get the real tops ).
    Have a good day,

  9. HI Millie
    Well I totally agree on the empty desk philosophy.. mine is a huge mess at the moment... but doesn't look anyway as pretty as this image.... Hope you are ploughing through the paperwork and making headway.. the weather has been fantastic here too.. last week was perfect.. warm days and cooler nights... enjoy the weekend and all this indian summer.. xxx Julie PS thanks for your lovely comments... makes my day..

  10. Ah Millie that could be my desk I always try to keep it tidy but it last a half a day and its the same.
    You have autum and we are in for spring two off my favorite seassons.We have hade lots snow and extremly could this year some times -25C° and up north even colder.

    I love the kitchen images in your last post.
    Take care.

  11. Have an absolutely fabulous weekend. Hate to be back logged. Hope you are well.

  12. A messy desk is the best as long as it si your own mess....have a happy weekend Millie and enjoy that sunshine. xv

  13. Thanks for stopping by Millie, funny we chose desks at the same time! I'm like you, my desk is always piled high. Order and simplicity are important is some parts of the house, but a desk that's too bare just looks sad to me.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Dear Mill's
    Well, my desk is a complete shambles !! Rather like the inside of my cupboards !!
    Oh, I don't's too short. There are far better things to be doing that keeping your desk tidy. I write things on scraps of paper, old envelopes....whatever is at hand when I need to write things down, and they all end up on my desk, along with everything else.
    Don't work to hard, Mill's and enjoy your weekend. XXXX

  15. I adore the look of a tidy desk- but I need lots of my things around me-so it's sometimes quite cluttered. I always feel more accomplished when my drawing table is a bit of a mess. Have a lovely weekend Millie. I think we'll be having some cool weather here.

  16. I agree with what you said about a too organized desk, and yet its exactly what I strive for everyday...and never achieve!

  17. Millie don't sit at that desk too long, your weekend weather sounds glorious. I'm with you on messy desks, impossible. If a persons desk is clean, the rubble is likely stashed in a box under their bed or in a closet. Happy catching up my friend xx deb

  18. Hi Millie,

    I am with you there on the desktop filled with a little bit of mess.
    Going by mine, it actually looks like I am busy doing some work.

    Happy weekend and enjoy the lovely weather.

  19. Well you would certainly approve of my desk quick getaways for me! I can't stand looking at it at the moment which means it's definitely time for a clean up. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Tracey xx

  20. I am with you Millie...I can't even begin to think in a space that is to tidy which is an unusual thing for a Virgo to say. The cleaning woman came in the other day and organised all my papers into little piles. I nearly cried...I knew where everything was and it has taken me a week to get it back to the mess it was. Peace reigns...hope your Friday went well and you were able to pour yourself a large glass of the finest Australian wine at the end of the day...happy weekend thoughts!

  21. Oh I'm glad I'm not alone on the untidy desk front! I actually can't work at a pristine desk - it's intimidating!!! Hot here yesterday too, I sweated it out in a tin shed at a little country show :)

  22. oh millie.... you always make me smile... i am so like you... i always work best with things strewn about... i wish i could be more organized but oh well... i love all of the bits.. and things all about... xxxxx

  23. Hi Millie I adore that picture!!! Good luck with the paper work my friend!
    Have a nice sunday!

  24. This is a warm desk and not a cold one,I like it this way too !
    Have a great week !

  25. I like a messy desk at work and a fairly tidy one at home. Just because the home one is new and in the family room I have to keep it tidy - for now;)


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