Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Safe To Come Back

The King has left the building & the girls are in giving his Throne Room a thorough going over, just as he's getting from me. I've only just uncurled myself from the foetal position after the images of the uncompleted Bathroom From Hell were shown yesterday. The King thought it was a laugh, but I reckon he's actually shot himself in the foot, as now the After pics need to be so good it's gonna kill him! That should wipe the supercilious grin from his face - 'My Public, My Public', I don't think so!!


  1. Yep, the bar's been set now. How could the new room be anything but great - especially with the threat of one of those chinese burns looming?
    My hubby now has a new hero!
    K xx

  2. Woopppps! You're right! We will be expecting great things with this reno~ geeez MOTH- did you think this through before posting???

  3. MOTH has inspired my husband to do a guest blog...one day. It will probably be called, "I'm the most wonderful husband in the world and this is why". I hear that every day.. Lucky for him, he pretty much is..Rachaelxx

  4. So funny, you two!!
    As a serial renovator I can sympathise with both of you. I can feel smug as we can see a lot of light at the end of a very long tunnel. Well done can't wait till after Easter for the 'after' photos.

  5. if my husband was a guest
    blogger, he would talk about
    the economy or the stock

    you guys are very funny!

  6. Hi Millie,

    Can't wait to see the new bathroom and know it will be fabulous, like you both are!
    Have a wonderful week


  7. 'UH OH'.... for mr. moth!!
    chop chop....let's see the finished project.


  8. Ha ha.. I love when they think they are being so very clever but are in actual fact digging themselves into more and more trouble :) We expect great things from you now MOTH, that throne room better be much more than just 'fitting' for our Queen Millie!

  9. Hi Millie
    I was once an adoring subject sucked in by that grin but he let the cat out of the bag so I'm going to stick with the renovator I've got he's slow but not that slow.
    I've been thinking of a few ideas which could speed the process. It must be getting pretty cold up there in those hills at night how about having a porta shower delivered and getting one of those composting camping toilets for Moth's exclusive use outdoors,completely ban him from using the bathroom facilities indoors.
    Kind Regards
    PS: I'm return to hopital on Thursday for a repeat operation on my eye I probably won't get to comment for a while. Loving all the fun off your blog

  10. Ha..ha. good point Millie. Moth has a definite time frame to stick to now. We lot are kind commentators of home DIY projects I would imagine. Just know you are not alone. I think we all have a room or two left unfinished at some point in time. You should see mine! Great fun Millie! xx

  11. What rock have I been living under not to have known about your blog? Thanks Kerri for the point in this direction! Fabulous stuff...can't wait to delve into two years worth of stuff!

  12. His public, his public has full faith in those after pics and lives in daily expectation of them.

  13. Millie,

    You are hilarious. I've been telling my husband about MOTH. He doesn't seem amused since he considers my blog and this computer something of a nuisance. One day, he'll understand. Hope you are well. Can't wait to see the after pics.

  14. I'm sure the after pictures will be absolutely fantastic. Your MOTH is quite the wit, really enjoyed his post!

  15. Dying to see the outrageously expensive tiles!!

  16. Girl's Rule!!! (well the boys can still do the dirty jobs, but you know what I mean ;)


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