Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Know You're Getting Old When.....

The kids went to the long awaited ACDC Concert in Adelaide last night. The report back this morning was interesting. 'It was wicked Ma, 110 decibels of head-banging heaven. Not happy though 'cos when Brian (the lead singer) put his arms up to show us his 'guns', he had bingo wings just like you!'

Yep son, life is harsh for us over 50's. But you might like to remember that Brian at 62 is 6 months older than MOTH & your hero Angus Young is 54, exactly the same age as your dear old Mum!! And this same Mum, as a 14 year old, stood at the front of the stage at the Burnside Town Hall screaming in adoration at a young Bon Scott whenever he was in town playing with The Valentines (pre-AccaDacca days). And just to burst your bubble completely my boy, pixie-like Bon used to play a mean Recorder as he sung his gentle, sweet love songs dressed in a voile puffed sleeve smocked shirt!!
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  1. Oh Millie, those were the days!!!!

    Boys in smock tops playing the recorder. hubba hubba.

  2. Age is just a combination of 1234567890 :)
    "Same, same but diffrent"

  3. AccaDacca played Brisbane last week - we could hear them from our place and the stadium must be at least 5km away. They were so loud they shook us all night long. Doesn't matter how old you are when you rock that well.

  4. Yes they are the truly multi generational band. A few of my friends went with their children (!!!!)....

    Their hearing must be bad though. All that noise over so many years.

    I guess their millions can buy them some new bionic ears or something.

  5. So they got to see them and liked it!

    My gosh, really a frilled shirt and recorder. Bon Scott looked a bit of a lad from his Acca days.

  6. Oh I am so glad your ACDC concert went ahead. I heard on the news that those 'North Adelaide' residents were conplaining about the impending noise and had arranged for the agreeing local council to pull the plug if it got too loud. I also heard that they weren't allowed to play past 10.30pm! I couldn't believe it! I thought, "oh dear, Adelaide is going to have an early night" I mean c'mon...once every 30 years.... my little 12 year old would have handed over every one of his possessions to have attended here in Brisbane... we tried..... sold out.... he sat in his room on the night of the concert, practising his Thunderstruck riff, over and over. Atta boy... stay with the rock and don't ever get sucked in to the rap! Latest obsession?... Little River Band! old soul....A-M xx

  7. Hi Millie,

    Oh what fun for your boys.
    The concerts in NZ sold out within a very short time.
    Had friends that went along and enjoyed the concert.


  8. Millie,
    your recent posts have been wonderful.
    Just loved You know you are getting old when...
    I remember Zoot in their pink suits, a young Johnny Farnham, aqnd Molly with no wrinkles.
    Ah those were the days.
    Weren't they just yesterday?
    I have loaded video clips I made to show the Brisbane weather, feel free to take a peek.

  9. Hi Millie,

    We flew to Melbourne for the AC/DC Concert a couple of weeks ago with the kids in tow!!! We all loved it....I think some people would complain about poopers! C'mon it's not every day that you can go to a AC/DC concert. Of course we took the ear plugs. And even though Angus is 54 he was going off like a firecracker, moving like he was still only 24. I only wished that they played 'It's a long way to the top if you want to Rock and Roll'. But apparently out of respect for Bon Scott they don't play that song and Brian says he can't sing that song anyway!!! I couldn't help but feel hopeful...and if they had bought out the original bagpipe players....that would have been so cool. The crowd would have gone completely off. Have never seen so many people with tattoos. The person that can remove tattoos will be making some serious money in a few years time. Anyway, better go as my troops are hungry for tea. Will call in again soon.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  10. OOooooo , Mill's. You're going to be in trouble with that recorder comment. I have shown my daughter-in-law videos of our son in his delightful '80's shell suit !! Whenever they come round she asks me to show her all of the old videos, and our son just glares at us !!
    We've been to lots of head-banging concerts and actually love them, but, it is a bit disconcerting when their flesh is flapping about all over the place !! Perhaps, they should now consider a longer sleeved t-shirt. XXXX

  11. So children can carry on being incisive, no matter their age! Well done for straightening out the details with your son! We have to stick up for ourselves!

  12. Well - I say if Angus can still get away with wearing shorts at his age than so can we all!! And you can also tell your son that that's what's great about doing what you love (AND earning all that money;-) Your past caring about your 'wings' hahahaha! Hated Acca Dacca at school. And now I shed a tear fondly when I hear them as it reminds me of my brother and his friends and my friends (all who loved being shaken all night long)... I was also a LRB girl !!

  13. Big AC/DC fans here, hope we get to see them live one day. Note to self, could use this as fuel to get hubby to visit OZ. Love ya, Heidi

  14. Love it! Glad I am not the only one :)

  15. And that is the way it was. Nice post. I smiled all the way through it.

  16. Great stuff, loved them to bits, but did pass on the concert here this time round.

  17. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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