Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life's Layers

I had long drive to see a client yesterday, & as often happens, that gave me 3 hours alone in the car without any interruptions to think & mull, & then to think & mull some more. It will be 2 years next month since The Hedge slipped/slid/fell/lurched into the wonderful world of blogging. And nearly 500 posts later, I'm still having a really, really, really good time. So that being the case, why is it that I still feel a little 'uncomfortable' whenever the subject is brought up in public. When I started The Hedge MOTH & the kids took not the slightest interest in it. Now bless them all, they're my best PR Agents. They tell anyone & everyone about The Hedge & can spout off the full http:// address without blinking. So why, when asked by someone to explain what The Hedge is all about in a work or social setting, do I still shy off & want to change the subject pronto?

Well, no more! It's high time to toss off my cloak of coyness & accept that The Hedge is now a permanent layer in the multi-layered cake that is my life & I wouldn't want it any other way. The bottom layers will always be MOTH & my 5 darling boys, always there ready to prop up the higher & less well-balanced layers. My much-loved work & wonderful clients are the robust middle layers along with my dear friends & extended family. Then teetering a little precariously on the top is this house & all the things we still need to do to finish its transformation. So what layer does my blog life assume? Well that's easy, it's the frosting on the top. Sweet & yummy, it's the thing that really makes this cake such a scrumptious thing.

Thanks to you all, the gorgeous people that still make it fun to do every single day - you truly are the frosting on my layer cake of life. And the promise to myself is to come out from behind the veil & celebrate what I have found, to embrace the unique community I'm part of, stand tall (even if I can only make it to 162cms!) & tell the world 'I'm Millie & I blog!'

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  1. Shout it from the rooftops Millie! I'm very new to this blogging caper, but it's the generous and supportive like-minded souls like you that make this such a lovely community.
    Kerri x

  2. Good for you Millie~ I still have kept this a secret from a few-can't really explain it though. Maybe I'll give this some serious thought. I know of a couple of others that would rather it be kept between them and their blog friends... I don't know why this is. One 'friend' commented that my blog friends weren't real... EXCUSE me! My blog friends are very real and very dear to me. This is food for thought now.

  3. Oh Millie, your blog brings so much joy and sunshine and hysterical laughter (thanks to MOTH) to bloggy blog land. I remember your first post. I still have one of your early images as my screen saver! I so agree with your sentiments. I shy away too... still haven't got a photo of me anywhere on my blog.... not to mention my name!... it's funny, one still wants to remain somewhat anonymous yet shares one's life with the world. Go figure? A-M xx

  4. Dear Millie,
    I too feel a bit shy talking about my blog. It's funny how I can chit chat with lovely folks from all over this beautiful world, and yet feel uncomfortable when it's brought up with friends and family.
    I can't quite say why. I think it may be because blogs often come from the heart and are therefore quite intimate portraits of that perhaps we don't share as often or openly with others.
    I'm so very glad you blog Millie as I just love your writing and sense of humor. I know that a visit to The Laurel Heddge will always add sparkle to my day. xoxoTrina

  5. Trina - your comment was so insightful. I haven't thought of it like that, but you are right. However, you won't be able to keep your life & magical home quiet for too much longer. Mystic Millie sees a major shelter magazine featuring A Country Farmhouse in your near future!! ^_^

  6. hi Millie well I am so pleased you are sticking at it because you have given me many laughs. You are also a wise wise lady. I agree with Trina, it can be a very personal journey so is hard to talk about. Also as AM says such a conflict between preserving privacy and banging on about things on the internet. Our digital ghosts will live on. (I saw on TV last night you can hire people to 'clean up' your digital imprint after someone dies so that embarassing things aren't left out there forever!! xoxo

  7. Good on you Millie. I can't imagine the blogosphere without The Hedge and your humour. Blogging really is a unique environment where a huge number of women (and sometimes men) are empowered to be supportive towards each other and their enthusiasms. Women from all different ages and stages of life, cultural backgrounds and faith somehow meld together to become an encouraging collective. This is how I hope the world would operate, if it was run by women!

    As for being outed, I now explain to friends that as I'm the world's worst scrapbooker, I instead have a blog which I use as a sort of "chronicles" of our family so our children have at least some record of their childhood.

    Hope you're having a great day....keep on icing that multi-layered cake, Millie....we love it and you! Meredy xo.

  8. Great mulling Millie.

    I added my Blog link to my business card. I give it to shop/market stall staff that I photograph. Ditto restaurants...

    I always ask 1st, before I photograph, well in little shops etc the card induces a yes!

  9. I relate to this post 100 per cent sweet Millie.

    I really do .. it's the frosting for me too but I'm also not forthcoming with everyone about it. I'm very protective of it and the friends I make through it.

    I like what Trina said, very true.

  10. You go Miss Millie,

    We're all here behind you, whether or not you feel like shouting it out or not. We all love the hedge, the subjects, often thoughtful and so well put together, funny and more times than not just hilarious!!! I've often thought if I ever had a blog, how would I go.....I don't think I would put a photo of myself on (at least not to start with)certainly not the kids names, or their faces.....I think it is easier to remain somewhat 'anonymous' put your dreams out there with like minded people, whereas family and friends might not be as like minded and not understand what it's all about! And without getting tied up in knots, I think Trina nailed it on the head with her thoughts!! Hope you're having a great day.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  11. Dear Mills,
    I know what you mean. Sometimes it feels as if blogging is a bit of an embarrasment, like watching the shopping channel or reading the odd trashy novel !!
    I can honestly say that I have loved every part of my blogging journey from the very moment I saw those words 'Create Blog'. Then there's that funny feeling when you press the publish button on a new post(or is that just me !!)
    I have met the most wonderful, creative people and have had some lovely conversations with blogging friends via email.
    It is the modern day way of having many, many penfriends from all over the world and we should embrace blogging and be proud of our efforts.
    Here's to many more years of blogging and to meeting many more new friends. ZXXXX

  12. This was so beautifully written!

    I, too, do some great mulling and thinking while driving. :)

  13. Dear Millie
    Your blog was one of those I read regularly before becoming a blogger myself.. always a good dose of laughter, beauty and wit here.. and a touch of the hilarious doesn't go astray either.. I know the company of you and others via blogland really helped me survive my work schedule last year.. so I say blogging friendships are to be treasured. I have to admit my non-blog friends find it strange.. and work mates.. roll their eyes on mention of it.. so I don't really cross pollinate these worlds anymore .. haha Our dirty blogging secret!! xxx Julie

  14. Millie,

    You have added such a wonderful 'layer' to my life. Your creative wit and humor have given me many reasons to smile and several laugh-out-loud moments.

    I confess that when I began blogging, I kept it quiet. But, I became more confident and open because I was validated with comments from friends like you. Isn't it wonderful to have a proud family supporting you?!! Rita

  15. Millie,
    You, too, are the frosting for so many of us. Thanks!
    I also feel a bit shy about my blog.
    I am every so glad you stop in from time to time.
    I really started the blog to have a way to record for my family some bits and piece of my life. It has become much more. You are a part of the more.
    Many Good Wishes to you and Moth!

  16. Oh Millie I am glad that you blog, because yours is one that I love to come and visit and see what exciting things you have to share with us.
    Thank you dear friend for bringing much joy and support to us all.

    I loved the thought of Moth, doing a jig and celebrating St. Patrick's day with a green beer!

    Happy Thursday

  17. Lots of nails being hit on heads amongst these comments. It is funny how your post has obviously made many (including myself) realise how protective or shy we are about sharing our innermost thoughts with the entire world. What a completely bizaar condition it is to be a bit embarrassed about things we happily shout out for anyone and everyone to read! I think it is something to do with being hidden behind a screen that makes blogging feel safe and not so 'exposing', and the fact that you can edit what you say before you speak, I so wish I had that option in real 'live' conversations sometimes! So when people ask about it without that screen there to protect you, we can get a bit wobbly on our feet and forget that confidence we feel when tapping away in blogland. I am still fairly new to this and have very few followers, but its because I love the actual process of writing a blog that I keep at it, it's a bonus if someone else out there gets some enjoyment out of it too, but if not, thats ok, because as you say, it is the cake frosting, a nice to have, a little cherry on the top just for me!

    The Hedge is definately one to shout about, a fabulous read and one I never skip when catching up my faves. Thanks Millie for sparking such interesting 'mulling material' Aimee x

  18. Millie, I read your (MOTH's) letter to Miranda Kerr out to my husband recently - we laughed all the way through it. Where else would I spend so much time reading the writing of someone so funny and clever? Where else would I get to know the thoughts of someone as stylish and witty as A-M? Where would I be exposed to the grace and elegance of Brabourne Farm? Or the artistic talent of Kerri at Driftwood Interiors? And then there's the intimate look at gorgeous, peaceful farmhouses like Trina's. I have to admit, I was prone to feeling isolated and a little disenchanted with the world at times, but that has truly changed since becoming part of the blog community. My youngest stepdaughter thinks I sound like a bit of a sap when I talk about it. I told her I love how writing (comments and posts) and sharing our thoughts, desires and accomplishments can bring together the nicest people..Rachaelx

  19. Millie, so glad that you are still having a great time out here in the blog world. You are definitely an added blessing to us all. It would not be the same without you here. :)

  20. And you do a FABULOUS job of blogging... keep it up and could I please have a slice of that cake... looks delish!

  21. Hi Millie,
    You blog was so beautifully written!
    Keep it up!

    You always give interesting topics in your blog..Great job!!
    Sydney Harbour Charter

  22. Great post Millie and so well put.

    I love that expression 'Life Layers' I can't tell you how happy I was to see your little heart in my list of followers ...I still love seeing it there. It took me a few visits to sort out MOTH but once I got the hang of it I was instantly endeared to him and your boys. Your sense of humor, wit and joi de vivre come thru in every post and I love it!

    As for family and friends...for the most part they are supportive and Mr.H enjoys hearing the latest tales of this and that. My daughters friends (16) told her yesterday that they thought it was really 'cute' that I have a blog and have my kids on the distribution list. I could tell she had a 'proud moment' with that comment...nice to see in a 16 year old.
    As you commented recently on a post, we evolve thru this process and it can be an enlightening journey.
    My post 'Sister Disciples' reminds me of us all...we are the Sister Disciples of the Divine Blogosphere!

    Thank you for this is a treasure!

    Jeanne :)

  23. 'It has been 24 hours since my last post'.....all jokes aside I love to blog, I love reading blogs - especially yours - and I love the connections I have made with like minded souls around the world. It is a win/win activity in my mind. Strangely enough I think very few of my friends read my blog or have any idea that I have entered such a strong and supportive internet community, nor would they understand how important the people within our world have become to me. Maybe I better start talking too.....xv

  24. I know exactly how youf feel Millie! I love the part of the day when I sit down and relax and join the wonderful world filled of inspiration together with fellow bloggers and love contributing too but as soon as I had mentioned to someone I know personally that I had a blog and more people started talking about it I got very self concious about it and even contemplated giving it all up! There's something about being personal and sharing thoughts with complete strangers interlinked only by commen interests but another thing to share utter personal thoughts with the people that you do know - why is this? You have a wonderful blog which always make me laugh!


  25. Oh Millie I love the way you mull! I think Trina and Aimee have both managed to say exactly how I feel about blogging. I too am very comfortable behind my screen, but when someone brings up the subject of my blog in person I am very quick to change the subject. And yet, I love the 'friends' I have met through blogging - and I mean friends though mostly we've never met. As for you Millie, and your side kick MOTH, you are the spark that got this all started for me. And I know that a visit to your blog will always make me smile. xx

  26. Oh Millie ... so well put.
    I love the way your words describe it as the layers of a cake ... and how you view blogging as the frosting.

    Your aussie sense of humour is so delicious ... that I love visiting your blog because it so reminds me of home ... so when I feel homesick and I need to get my fix everyday, I pop on over to The Hedge.

    Trina nailed it on the head that blogging often comes from the heart and I think a lot of us find it easier to express our views/creative side through the wonderful www.

    So keep up my daily fix of aussie humour my dear friend!

  27. ot surprised to find you are a fellow Victorian. I belong to an online Victoria group.
    An eclectic mix - even a male or two -
    Most have far more of the original collection than I do...and most of us do not like the new version, though nearly all buy it.
    I have several of the original books.
    hope MOTHs health issues improve, it must be very discouraging. There seems to be no rule, with all my heart issues I do not have a cholesterol problem. Strange.

  28. Millie, all I can say is my hat is off to all of you who blog. I dont know where to start or what to do, and I think to myself do I have anything to say? So many of you are so clever with your words and have such a sense of style and grace. Many of us seem to end up catching up and reading the same blogs so you do have that "community" feel. Ive found the women on the blogs so giving and caring and generous of their time and talents. I think I can see how you might feel abit shy about talking about youself one on one to someone about you blog , but on the other hand its so honest and so creative. In closing Id like to say to you who I visit and post to , thanks for sharing youselves and family and time and ideas with us here in bloggland, for me it is so appericated and have had such a great last couple of years reading you all.... Julie in Holland ...

  29. What a great post. I love the Hedge and all your stories about MOTH and the boys.

    I sometimes think it's nice to have something that I don't have to share with my friends or family but at the same time I do want them to read. Weird but true.

    I love that I have a whole different group of friends to bring another perspective to my life. Who knew blogging would be so fun!

  30. You know what Mils, I totally felt the same, kinda kept it my secret for about a year. ME! a secret for a year!!! haha..
    then one day I was found out by a girl who wandered into my shop while I was standing there with my mom. "Your coastal nest, arent you" It was like someone hit me in the face with a big ol whip cream pie.. I fretted and worried and wrung my hands for days, worried about being found out. Especially when my parents knew about me..the cat was out of the bag. I worried that I couldnt be my authentic self. In someways I do have to think of the things I write, because I have to remember that folks in the town now read this, and it is somewhat of a reflection on my parents and our small business...There has been some tongue biting, a curbing of the cursing, and of course no talk of my wild sexlife, (haha) but the best thing about it definately is the layers..the fabulous women that I have met and have grown to love, even though I couldnt pick them out in a crowd, I feel I have the best lot of buddies in the world, and thank goodness that you and I have stumbled upon one another.
    You go girl!!!
    lotsa love and congratulations on your "millie milestone..
    from the beach

    ps Trina~ you hit the nail right straight on the head..:)

  31. What a wonderful metaphor, I couldn't agree more! I was a bit reticient in the beginning about blogging but I've found it to be so much fun and am much less bashful about it these days. You have a wondeful set of layers though, so glad that you are enjoying them.

  32. Oh how I hear you. Recently I had made my blog private and almost quit it all together, it's now public again, but there are times when I feel shy or embarased about it. My family loves it, and most of my friends like it, but some of my friends think it's odd. Oh well, they do things I'm not interested in, but I never put it down or poke fun. So they can just carry on doing what they like and I'll do what I like.
    Many Blessings,

  33. Hi Millie,
    I'm probably going to have to come back and comment again later as a bit brain dead from spending hours in front of the computer on a huge project. FUnny how spending hours in front of the computer blogging doesn't have the same tiring effect. Which is why I'm still up and not tucked into bed where I should be ;-)

    Well - you summed up my thoughts (although I am NO where NEAR your post quota) on blogging and I guess we all share a similar opinion. YOu can be our Joan of Arc ! Mind you - by the time I've explained exactly what a blog is here ...well, you just don't bother! Happy day to you Millie

  34. I'm having calling cards made with my blog address on it. :D

  35. I think it's called "casting pearls to swine" Millie. Our blogs are a precious part of our lives that we invest ourselves in and when we share that with someone and we receive a blank stare as a response, the above saying comes to mind. They just don't get it...and that's okay.

  36. You are the ultimate Blog Queen Millie, it wouldn't be right if you weren't there (in blogland). You were the first blogger to completely captivate me. To me you are a natural. I have wished so many times I could do this blogging thing better, even with the safety of being behind a screen, I keep a wee guard up. Its been interesting reading how many of us have our comfort zones challenged, and really we shouldnt care what others think. Its just an interest we enjoy after all. xx

  37. Oh my God...these are the most revealing comments that I have ever read. I do agree to some extent with many but I am so surprised at how many shy away from telling people that they blog.
    Forgive me, and I'm not being snarky here but why are some embarrased to tell peolple that they blog?
    I have a relative, that will not read my blog. Says blogs are simply gross self-promotion. That says to me that my relative really thinks very little of themself. If talking about what intrests me is self-promotion then am I just not supposed to ever speak unless I'm whining about him? you know it's a him.
    God no it's not the MR. My husband is my biggest promoter...goes around telling people that I write a "world famous" blog. God love him.
    My neighbors don't read my blog...if they do, they won't tell me...WTF! I'm not braggy or nosy or gossipy and they have no problem visiting with me across the fence...they just don't want to read my blog and you know what, that's ok.
    All it takes is one Millie to make writing my blog worthwhile. I think everyone would agree with that!
    xoxo lisa

  38. Such wonderful layers and I love a good icing! Your blog is always such a delight to read Millie. I have not been 'blogging' much for the past few weeks as the road is a difficult one at the moment... but its the people like you that continue to stop by & friends made in this wonderful community that keep me inspired and have come to meen so much to me! Enjoy your weekend! Axx

  39. Hi Millie, just catching up on my reading as we haven't had much time the last ten days. This is a wonderful post with wonderful comments.
    I don't yet know how I feel, I don't talk about it to friends. My kids follow and promote...but...I don't know yet where it is taking me so will wait to expose this side of me to the outside world. I do, do love my visits with you and others and have found a new richness to life that I would miss if I stopped.
    Maybe if I am still going in two years I can take a look and see if I am prepared to share with everyone! xoxo

  40. And thank heavens you do blog Millie, I love and really enjoy your blog, I felt a connection with it from the very beginning.

    I have been quite shy about my blog too....I think I might have told one friend and she told everyone else! But a lot of my good friends at home don't know at all.....I can relate what Trina said about revealing through it, sometimes at least, your innermost feelings....and a side of you that perhaps not everyone sees.

    And two fantastic....we shall have to have something a little stronger to celebrate ;)

    Happy Week-end lovely Millie,

    Simone xo

  41. you know what ?
    i am so glad you feel that way about your blog.
    i love your daily 'stuff',
    and the way you share it with us.

    your blog is absolutely the icing on more than a few cakes!!!
    love x

  42. Millie - fantastic brilliant post. all so very true. I agree, why is it something I get so embarrassed about - when it has introduced me to such fabulous people and brought me so much joy. You go girl xx

  43. I understand you completely. I think each of begin our blog post by post, no gps, just self guiding one another, feeling our way via the keys, click, click.
    I guess it is ok that you want to reveal you, and your blog - but I sort of like keeping you to myself. I guess I am like that. You do radiate a special quality, the kind that I do not want to share. (just teasing)
    Go ahead, toot your horn.

  44. While I still consider myself le infante to the blogging world, at 18 months, I totally agree and support your creativity. Love your posts, enjoy, TOTALLY enjoy reading them. Thank you for sharing! Elizabeth.

  45. That was so well put. I only started blogging on January 1st of this year and I have yet to tell people in large segments of my life that I have a blog. It was a full month before I even told my parents. I still haven't told my siblings or anyone at work. It feels very personal and creative and I don't want anyone to laugh at what I do. Interesting post, and I'm glad you are at the place where you can shout it from the rooftops - maybe it will be one day for me as well.


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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