Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BFH Up-Date

Just a quick up-date on the Bathroom-From-Hell. The drama surrounding the wiring has stalled progress, but now MOTH's back on track & things are coming along well. He wanted to leave installing a new ceiling until the very end, & I found him last night measuring up for the plasterboard he needs to order, which is VERY exciting. Even in it's unfinished, rough state I'm loving it. For a bloke who hates tiling, he's done a mighty job. Slow & steady, exact & precise with his trusty spirit level constantly by his side has been the order of the day.
Image: Gemma Comas



  1. Millie...How very exciting. I'm so glad you are pleased and I'm proud that MOTH is doing such a fine job. Imagine what he could do if he had a laser level! xo, Rosemary

  2. yay for progress. can't wait to see the final result! pam

  3. Oh so happy for you ... it's nearly there. Good job MOTH :)


  4. I know exactly what you mean by 'excitement' 9pm on a weeknight I went into my son's room to find my husband undercoating the built-in bookshelves. I was so excited because I could see the project edging towards completion! Sounds like the BFH is now slowly, but surely edging towards completion in MOTH's capable hands. No wonder you're excited. Lee :)

  5. Oh Millie i cant beleive the thousands that you have saved with MOTH being so handy dandy! i just wait with bated breath to see the pics of the new bathroom in all its glory once its finished as you have exquisite taste! Cathyxx

  6. The end is in sight - can't wait to see it! Leanne x

  7. Waiting with bated breath Millie

  8. This must be the most yearned for bathroom in the world - do you realise how many of your blogging fans are waiting with baited breath?!
    We are so looking forward to the great unveiling, I'm sure it's going to be wonderful.

  9. the venetian mirror gets me all excited!!!!


  10. Sounds like and it looks like you got a real find in your MOTH. I like the looks of the bathroom very much.

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  11. What a gem MOTH is. I wish you could sent him over on loan for a couple of months, I could give him a few tasks that my very dear, but not-so-handy man cannot manage.

  12. Oh Mill's,
    You must be so are nearing the end. I'm feeling a warm glow inside myself and can't wait to see the final result unvieled !! Big up for MOTH.....I feel that he is a true perfectionist and that's why it has taken a little longer than you thought !! XXXX

  13. Oh how exciting for you Millie, glad that the BFH is nearly complete!
    As they say slow and steady wins the race and Moth is doing a great job.
    Can't wait to see the finished look.

    Have a great Thursday evening

  14. That is exciting, well done MOTH! You are really going to enjoy that bathroom...I think when it's done we'll find you locked in there for days..Rachaelxx

  15. Looking forward to seeing it, Have a sweet day!

  16. Hey..the gray in that picture is just what I put in my bedroom! Lovely. I posted about it this week. Hope your room is finished soon! How fun! Can't wait to see pictures.


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