Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Sense Of The Ridiculous

I'm glad our family has bred a bunch of practical jokers, who make it their mission to be constantly on the look out for the next opportunity to catch out the unsuspecting friend or family member. To ensure that any pretentiousness they see is immediately despatched to the sin bin. To send political correctness a big raspberry, as long it doesn't cause distress to an another individual. To make me laugh so much at their exploits I have to cross my legs very tightly or else. My fervent prayer is that they pass this same trait onto their own kids.

I couldn't bear to think what life would be like without a well-developed sense of the ridiculous. A few years ago I decided to deviate from the norm when filling out forms. DOB: 'Unknown', Current Occupation: 'Celebrity', marital status: 'None of your business', number of children: 'Many' & so it goes. Not once in the ensuing years have any of these answers on any forms been queried - not once.
Image: Malin Ngoie



  1. The very first time I left our first born with WT, I came home to find he had drawn a little mustache on him with a black Sharpie marker. It lasted a whole week. This image could easily be ours, only I was too upset to take a picture!

  2. I agree without laughter there is not much point going on is there?

    Your comment about forms just confirms my view which is that they make you fill those things out as a form of torture and not because they actually need the information. xoxo

  3. You and your Family are wonderful Millie and that is what makes you so special and interesting.

    Have a fabulous Thursday

  4. The expression on that darling little babies face soooo suits the moustache! I'm impressed with your form filling options, I did similar years ago when at school and was made to stand up and be ridiculed for being a silly girl who wanted to show off. That sad old teacher obviously needed a healthy dose of sense-of-humour medicine.

  5. I might try that occupation next time I'm faced with those forms. I'd like to be outside the box! Great photo!

  6. Couldn't agree with you more Millie. One of our poor children has forever stated on their birth certificate that their mother's occupation is "Domestic Goddess". Dave loves a practical joke. He threatened to fill in Bugsy's birth certificate with "Breeder" for my occupation....he still regrets that I talked him out of it. Meredy xo.

  7. Priceless Millie, priceless. Are you sure we aren't somehow related - your family sounds so similar to mine, it's not funny! Actually, it is rather funny, but you know what I mean! K xx

  8. There's nothing quite like a good sense of humour! I come from a very loud, hard-case family, so I can definitely relate :)

  9. I once put Neurosurgeon as the occupation of my 8 year old son (at the time--he is now 16) and the doctor DID comment.
    I felt like such the smart alec and haven't done it since (well, I did write Domestic Goddess recently for my occupation on a form and it made me smile---I think I'll write that one more often).

  10. Dear Millie,
    I so agree! A sense of ridiculous makes life so much more fun! Last week my Mom and I sent my brother Micky Mouse balloons. He's a partner at a prestigious law firm and we made sure that Micky was life-size (called an air walker). The occasion was his 40th birthday. Imagining Mickey 'walking' through the corridors of his office makes me smile every time...and brother felt very special because humor has always been our language of love.

  11. Millie, you crack me up (as always)! The next time I have to fill out a form, I'm going to be so tempted to do the same!

  12. Absolutely, one of the best things to give your children - a sense of the ridiculous. It gives them a little resilience I think. You must have lots of laughs with 5 boys. My brother and his friends were always hilarious..Rachaelxx

  13. LOL Millie....see I am much too sensible and law-abiding, it would never cross my mind to answer those questions with those answers...until now that is! Thank you for the inspiration :)

    As for the family of practical jokers, I haven't forgotten MOTH's Russian Bride....has she arrived yet or is she still en route? ;)

    Happy Week-end....even if it's going to be a sandy one for you. I think dinner at that fabulous local pub of yours sounds like a plan :) xo

  14. Hahaha - cute pic :) My dad was the biggest practical joker out - life certainly wasn't dull when he was around, even if that meant you sometimes glanced nervously around you waiting for something to happen!!

  15. Oh MIllie that is a crack up! I too have taken to filling in forms the 'fun' way and i'm amazed that no one ever takes issue with it either. I have been shoe spy, a home director, and, like the others - a domestic goddess! The problem here is that I have to giggle alone as they just don't get it. We will be having to introduce humour 101 into the homeschooling régime methinks ;-)


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