Friday, July 2, 2010

Warming My Tootsies

The artic chill that has settled right across the southern half of the country looks to continue over the weekend. However, as much as I just want to curl up by the fire I've got too many chores I need to complete. In response to all your queries about what we've been eating on the No Fat Ever Again diet, I'll share some recipes next week....there are a couple of beauties that have become firm favourites. I was giving the entire experience some thought last night & realized that one change that has happened sort of organically is that we've both stopped eating between meals. We've been shockers for this over the years, a nibble here, a snack there. But that's stopped & without a single whinge. A major accomplishment I reckon.

I do want to sneak off to the movies this arvo, Luca Guadagnino's new movie I Am Love seems to have polarized the critics, so I feel it's my obligation to see for myself what all the fuss is about. Although keeping up with Italian subtitles is not one of my strong points. MOTH's hogged the computer most of the week, so I've not been around to see what's been happening in your world. But he's gone for the day, so I'll see you all soon!
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  1. Hi Millie, hope you enjoy youre movie!!! I have an award for you over at my blog, if you have time drop on by & pick it up!!! Im looking forward to your recipe posts!!

  2. I'm with you on 2 counts computer time (3 kids home on holiday) and the cold snap. Our only source of heating has died and hubby is at a week-long conference in Perth so I'm having to be 'fix-it Mum'. Wish me luck.
    I hope you can make sense of the movie. I enjoyed Shrek 4 although those 3D glasses give me jip.

  3. Have a great weekend Millie! Stay warm!

  4. Hi Millie, freezing here in Sydney also. Will be thinking of you watching lovely Italian, visually delicious film while I get hauled off to watch another Disney offering. Hope I get to be a grown-up soon....Meredy xo.
    p.s. big hugs and high fives from Chez Joy for you and MOTH - we know how tough restrictive diets can be, so well done you clever clogs. xo

  5. We are anticipating a heat wave, but are now enjoying cooler climes and I am even thinking of lighting the patio fire this evening. Yes, to your idea of another set of books, for some secret spending to a movie or a treat, with your permission.
    Now slip on those wooly socks!

  6. Dear Millie,
    I would love to see that 'I Am Love' movie too. The odds of it playing anywhere near our town our slim to none however, so I may have to wait awhile. Enjoy your weekend and keep those tootsies warm!

  7. Today was 34 degrees and I had no less than 50 children playing in my garden and pool for 6 hours ... plus adults.
    I believe I shall go and get myself a glass - no, cask of rosé ;-) Enjoy your movie!!

  8. Millie, I've been catching up with all that's been happening at the Hedge - there really never is a dull moment in your part of the world (thankfully for your loyal Hedge fans)! I can't think of anywhere I'd prefer to be today than in front of a lovely fire but the garden beckons - time has caught up with Mr B and all his winter jobs so I'll grab my whip and point him in the direction of the garden. I have a horrible feeling that a lot of the winter jobs are suddenly going to become summer jobs. Have a lovely warm weekend. Leigh

  9. you stopped snacking????



  10. Have a great weekend, Millie!
    We are expecting another heat wave, right from Indepemdence Day on!
    How was the movie?
    PS: I began a mostly raw diet a couple of weeks ago with a no dairy/no meat restiction! It feels amazing, I lost 10 lbs. and gained enormous energy!!! My only fat comes from olive and flaxseed oil, fish, nuts, seeds and avocados...
    Keep going, it can only be good for you!

  11. Hi Millie,

    We have a cold snap here too, but I really do not think it has been quite as cold as other years.
    I look forward to your post on your recipes. I think it good not to snack between meals ~ the cheese on cracker before dinner, which we are so often guilty of.
    Have a fabulous weekend and I hope that you enjoy the movie.

    Stay warm

    ps. Just want to say a big thank you for your visit and kind note you left for Miss V.

  12. Its cold over here too - we've had amazing frosts each morning and even the days have been cold, so even finding a warm spot in the sun has been hard!

    Congrats on the reduced snacking, I think that's often one of the hardest things to beat!

  13. I hear you sister! Brrrr... I'm in Perth for goodness sake, it's not supposed to get this cold here! Definitely catch your movie, that would be a lovely end to the weekend...
    Flick :)

  14. Millie , its been 35 over here phew!
    Keep yourself warm. Love your new layout sleek and easy to read. Have a great week ahead..... Julie in HOlland ;)


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