Saturday, July 17, 2010

Special Delivery

I've just had a very busy couple of days firstly with the gorgeous JG our lovely IT Manager arriving in town from HO in Sydney bearing gifts. A brand new laptop for moi & it's beaoooootiful! He transferred all my stuff over with a minimum of fuss, loaded it with a whole lot of new apps & then took me out to lunch. Just as all our boys do with their cars, he's done some big modifications to the speed, as this little baby logs on & downloads in lightening quick time. Unlike it's predecessor which was woefully slow. I could shower, blow dry my hair & trowel on the make-up in the mornings, only to come back to find it still only halfway through Send & Receive!!

There's also been a big flurry of activity with MOTH taking the day off with me yesterday, so we could hit the road & run around looking at shower screens, mirrors, lighting etc. for the BFH. We did manage to keep ourselves 'tidy' at most places, without the staff needing to call security to break us up. May your weekend be filled with happiness & no domestic blues!

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  1. How lucky you are! I'm still working on a dinosaur here - and its sooooo slow sometimes, I could doze off! Have a lovely weekend! :)

  2. nice boss!!!

    he obviously knows how to treat
    our millie!!!


  3. Great news about the laptop, won't know yourself.

    Oh that was funny about the "keep ourselves tidy" know what you strongly can you put words when you are whispering and trying not to look like you want to slap the other half around a bit. House decision are starting to wear me out.


  4. Hi Millie,

    Sounds like it is all coming up roses for you, dear friend.
    I hope that your weekend, is beautiful.


  5. Nothing like a new, super fast computer to make you feel good! I just got one myself and I'm a little bit in love..Choosing fittings now, that can only be good! Rachaelxx

  6. Your boss knows a good thing when he sees it. Wise person to keep you very happy. Now, how are those plans coming for your trip?
    Have a grand weekend Millie.

  7. Shower screen? Lighting fixtures? I can feel the great moment getting closer!
    Enjoy your weekend

  8. I adore your humor Millie. We too have been working on our BFH, but it's going to stay there I'm afraid. Spiffing & giving it a 'spit-polish' to sell the house when it really needs a huge face-lift. So do I but, I'm not getting one of those either. You two are a great couple, just saying!! Glorious weekend to you & hug MOTH & that new laptop. xoxo

  9. Hi Millie! Good girl, I knew you would behave on your off day with the MR. This is hilarious as always! Wish to have a new laptop. Thanks for your sweet comments, it is great to be back. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! verbena cottage

  10. ooh its great Millie to get a new computer. got mine last Xmas and it works a beauty. so fast which is what we always want. glad the outing with MOTH went well in choosing items for the bathroom in heaven. can wait for it to be finished. Cathyxx

  11. Enjoy your "new wheels" as you zoom around the internet!

  12. Oh Mill's,
    Your IT Manager sounds like an angel from heaven !! What I wouldn't give for someone to come round with a new laptop with so many delightful attatchments. For me, a much better gift than anything that comes in those turquoise blue boxes with whie must be in seventh heaven.
    ...... and a day out with MOTH must have made a nice change, albeit to look at bathroom fittings !! I hope tht an expensive lunch made it's way into the days proceedings !
    Hoping that I don't jinx the project but it sounds as if the BFH is on the last lap. I hope that there's another project to replace it. It wouldn't be The Laurel Hedge without a 'from hell' renovation project on the go !! XXXX

  13. Well done Millie, a new bathroom and a new laptop. Shame there wasn't a bit of scandal though - I reckon security in these places is highly trained in domestic matters ;-)

  14. Hope you had a great weekend!


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