Monday, July 5, 2010

Here We Go Again

This image has absolutely nothing to do with this post, except that I wanted to ensure there was at least one half pie decent pic featured & that this is the one that would appear on all your beautiful Blog Rolls, not the shocking ones further down! As I whinged posted about last week, the renovation of our 3rd bedroom was well down the priority list, but with the drama surrounding the electrical wiring in the Bathroom-From-Hell, I was given notice to urgently empty the whole room. MOTH needed to fire up the brick cutter & cut in some channels to thread new cable conduits through into the BFH. So he we decided that now the room was bare it would be a good opportunity to do the reno.

'Just rip the carpet up, get the big ladder, sand down all the woodwork, prime & paint it, then put 3 coats of undercoat on the walls & then 2 coats of top coat. I'll come in later with the plasterboard & drop the ceiling like I did with the guest room.' MOTH said to me yesterday. Then he added 'Of course I'll be finishing off the bathroom, so I can't help you, you're on your own here Mills.'

Here's the offending item that kick-started the whole catastrophe.

And here's what the room looked like yesterday complete with frost on the window. NB this was taken with the flash. And yes that is the original 1972 light fitting.

This however dear Hedgies is what it actually looks like untouched by fake camera flash light - no wonder it's referred to presently as the Bat Cave. The chest of drawers is the one the boys had when they were little & is about to receive a Millie make-over.

The original small built-in wardrobe, which I'll sand & paint. The identical, larger one in the guest room actually came up a treat, so this one will receive the same treatment.

Here's what the room looked like on the Realtor's Open House Sheet, with the previous Owner's stuff. Very similar to the guest room but MUCH SMALLER. At only 2.7m.x4.3m. not much larger than a prison cell really.

This is it's older sibling, the guest room further along the hallway. Many of you will remember it from earlier posts.

And of course, here how it looks today. I think I'll use the same colours & window coverings for continuity along the front of the house, (as long as the fabrics haven't been discontinued!). As for what the room will become, I'm not too sure yet, but give me time & I'll get it sorted. Now hand me the sander & the phone. I'll need an urgent appointment at the Beauty Salon for a manicure after that miserable chore's completed - on MOTH of course!
Image: Rick Lew



  1. It never ends...keep up the spirit dear. If we could we would all be there with good work gloves & good wine!
    Just keep looking at your before & afters to remind you what will be.
    xo Lisa

  2. You will be busy renovating that bedroom! The guest room looks amazing and it is good motivation to get this room done too so it can look just as wonderful! xx

  3. Wow, looks like this room is going from drab to fab all thanks to a 'Millie Makeover'. Can't wait to see the results!

    P.S. The brick cutter recently made an appearance at our house too (as part of renovating the son's room) - oh the noise & the dust! Such are the joys of living with a builder :)

  4. how lucky are you to have all those rooms to renovate.... that's just another perspective.

    i hope i don't offend you with that thought, but as i don't own my home i can't help but envy you for a minute ;)

    best wishes for the renovations
    have fun with it


  5. Oh dear. Such a lot of work. Hmmm...yes, that light fitting certainly won't fit in with your styling. Have fun, Millie! xx

  6. Just think how happy you're going to be when its finished. You should pin up a photo of the other room you did just to glance at every now and then when you're dirty dusty and swearing away. ha ha. The brick must be hard to paint, but what lovely texture it brings to the room when its done.

  7. Hi Millie,

    Having the fabulous guest room, will be a great incentive to finish the other room.
    Oh the joy of always having something to do around the home.
    Good luck with your work.

    Happy week

  8. Ah Millie, I'm sure our houses were built by the same people - our 'befores' are almost identical in the dark and dingy department! At least you know how great it will look all painted and pretty, and that all the hard yakka will be worth it. Can't wait to see the 'afters'! K xx

  9. Prep and painting are a thankless task. As I sit here, my hands are still covered in residual paint from 2 days of painting, but as you know Millie, it's all worth it in the end:o)

  10. The guest bedroom looks gorgeous as I am sure this one will too. Looking forward to the after shots.

  11. Gracious Millie, you make my recent decorating look a joke compared to this mammoth task. Hope you got the manicure and a meal out in the evening as well
    It WILL soon be finished

  12. I know the feeling, Millie. The guest bedroom you've already completed is so beautiful. It really looks it's straight out of a magazine. Can't wait to see this room when complete. As Lisa suggested, just keep looking at the before & afters of what you've already done!

  13. You were such a dear to give us a pretty picture for our blogrolls! LOL!

    We all have a BatCave, don't we? And a renovation-from-hell! Oh my. But it's going to look awesome when you are finished!

  14. The guest room looks stunning! just keep your eyes on that little speck of light at the end of the tunnel (or batcave)! I can only imaging how beautiful you will make it, after all this hard work..
    Flick :)

  15. Geez Mills - you do realise that young professionals still LIVE in bedrooms that size in Paris - complete with shower in the corner ;-) I'm a bit worried that you'll regret getting rid of the joyful colour in that Ken Done bedspread though dearie.
    Hahahaha - just wish I was home so I could give you a hand with the ol' bat cave! Then we would've had time for a beer and a massage as well as a manicure.


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