Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

'Millie, Millie it's happening already!!'

'What's happening MOTH? Why are you so excited?'

'It's this celebrity thing Mills. I knew as soon as I put my mind to it, I'd be one.'

'How's that MOTH darling?'

'Well I got a call from those TV blokes, you know those 2 guys who's show we never watch.'

'Gosh MOTH, you'll have to give me a few more hints than that - is it the Queer Eye For The Straight Guy boys or maybe the Renovation Rescue dudes or even Jordan & Trina from Tool Academy?'

'No Millie, get a grip, it's Nev & Trev from The Garden Gurus!'

'Oh............ good.'

'Yep they want to film me today at that customer's place I did at Crafers last year. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy am I excited!!! So Mills can you go & iron my good work shorts pronto, & make sure you get all the creases out........ got to be looking my best now for the cameras. This is the start of big things for me in the media, I'll be contagious viral before you know it!'

There's nothing else I can really say except - OH MY LORD!!!!


  1. Ha ha, that's hysterical! Yay MOTH, you superstar! Rachaelxx

  2. Well if he is wearing work shorts in this weather (as opposed to fleecey lined long pants) then MOTH deserves to be a global celebrity.


  3. Oh my lord indeed!!

    I hope this doesn't mean he is going to start arriving with those celeb "riders" that they all have...kittens in his dressing room, only yellow smarties, water from the purest Swiss spring.....

    Where will it all end Millie?! Whatever next, an appearance on Masterchef? A spread in Hello magazine, MOTH reclining in his new deluxe bathroom, fluffy towels at the ready....


    PS Thanks for the Elle comment....very interesting :)

  4. I'll be watching and waiting for the spin-off program. It's sure to happen once they see his charms...but pressed work shorts...c'mon...call yourself an Aussie MOTH!

  5. You and MOTH are too funny Millie - hope he looked fitting for his moment! Leanne xx

  6. I don't know that the Gurus quite realise what they're letting themselves in for Millie - can't wait! I'll keep an eye out for the bloke with creases in his KingGee's - priceless. K xx

  7. Fantastic. Love the bit "you know those two guys whose show we never watch" - hilarious.
    Congratulations to MOTH.
    Make sure you let us know the air date of the show.

    Sandy K

  8. Millie, I think the time is right to negotiate your fee as Moth's agent and impresario. Don't be timid, you have practically launched the guy single handed, and not only are you in charge of his publicity you also handle his costume department.
    Try google - there's bound to be a standard agent contract you could use!

  9. His work shorts...I love it! Such wonderful news, I'm sure he'll be famous in absolutely no time. Enjoy the perks of proximity to celebrity!

  10. I feel a YouTube sensation coming on!! Can't wait to see it!


  11. Oh dear, Mill's,
    This doesn't bode well....... I have a strange feeling there will be ego problems and that the BFH might go on the back burner.
    Make sure MOTH wears the shorts that don't show off the builders bum....won't look good on tele and won't do anything for his street cred and image.
    Mind you, I'm pretty impressed that MOTH is going to be on tele. I don't thinlk that we get The Garden Guru's over here. Shame. I would have loved to have seen MOTH in full flow. XXXX

  12. You guys are the cutest! Congrats to MOTH!Next we will see him on Martha lol !

  13. Millie and MOTH,

    Now I can say I knew you before you were famous!

  14. Aw Mills, aren't you a sweetie ironing his stubbies. All hail the garden king! Well done to MOTH :)


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