Monday, July 19, 2010

A Change Of Plans

MOTH convened a meeting of the Development Assessment Panel here at The Hedge last week. We looked at what we've developed so far, what's currently in progress & what's on long-term plan. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we don't have any storage in our bedroom. The plan has always been to knock a big hole in the end wall at the foot of the bed & build a WIR/Dressing Room that extends out into the garden (in the 2nd pic, the long wall to the left of my favourite window in the whole house). A big job, but MOTH did a similar thing at our old house & it turned out a treat. However, the property has a big sloping drop just outside the wall, so it would have meant building a structure high up from the ground. Another issue is that the major pathway that weaves its way right around to the rear of the house is smack bang in the middle of where the little extension would go. So a major incursion into the garden by Mr. Landscaper & a whole new path would be needed as well.

So after much discussion, we have decided to forgo building & opt for Plan B. Install a big bank of built-in wardrobes along the bedroom wall. After much research, & seeing some absolute shockers of dodgy closet manufacturers, I've found a Company who's cabinetry has a good degree of simplicity & style & gets the Millie tick of approval (see pic above, but in Antique White USA finish & NOT with those long handles!). In many ways, I'm glad we've made this decision, although MOTH's disappointed he won't get to do his building thing. The list of jobs still to be done is a mile long & I reckon his time & energy is best served getting stuck into those - try another bathroom & the new kitchen & laundry for starters!
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  1. At least you get to keep your favourite window, and wont have to move out of the bedroom for so long. The wardrobes do look stylish!

  2. It seems that nothing can scare Moth - what an amazing project to even think about. I'm sure these cupboards will work beautifully.

  3. Can't wait to see the after shots. I think it will look great.

  4. ahhh progress... ain't it great!!

    your story is funny- Dan does the same thing- I offer to find someone to hire for one of his MANY jobs on his to-do list, and he wants to do it. Even though I am constantly;) showing him his list I don't think he actually 'sees' it!! Men............. !

  5. Oh, I wish my husband could do such things! Right now he is just struggling to fix the lawnmower! Lovely little world here, my dear, happy to be your newest follower! Cheers !

  6. Millie i am sure the new set of wardrobes will look fantastic painted white. you could have even thsoe lovely crystal knobs that would dress up any cupboard. MOTHs time as you said is much beter used in the other parts of the house. Cathyxx

  7. I would have found the former idea one for the too hard basket, and your solution will be quicker, functional and a good-looker. I'm sure MOTH has plenty of other stuff to give him a challenge.

  8. Sounds like a great solution.I love the door style you have chosen, they look awesome with chrystal knobs. You have a very motivated man on your hands, but then I guess he needs to be to keep up. What a fantastic team you make!!!

  9. Plan B sounds very, very good Millie. About 6 months ago we put almost identical BIRs in my bedroom - Dulux Chalk USA (2-pak polyurethane) with polished chrome knobs. And I absolutely love them! We too had grand plans for a grand WIR, but a we built a garage in the space instead and opted for BIRs. Best of both worlds I think. Lee :)

  10. Hi Millie,

    You are lucky that Moth is so talented and seems like he will have plenty to keep him going.
    The wardrobe will be lovely and glad that it has the big, Millie tick.

    Happy Wednesday


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