Friday, September 10, 2010

Daily Dose

Sally, my lovely family Dr. tells me my Vitamin D levels have plunged to an all-time low. She says I need to slam dunk large shots of cod liver oil or take a capsule - needless to say, I've opted for the latter. But what I really need is a heavy dose of sun on my bones. This Winter has been a brutal one, taking no prisoners up here in the Hills. A sparkling pool, a comfy day-bed, a big jug of something 'interesting', no cell-phone reception & some great reading material would combat the mid-year slump perfectly......happy days. May the sun shine on your weekend & turbo boost your Vit. D levels!
Image: Sugar Beach Villas



  1. I'm sure a couple of days in a place like this is just what your doctor had in mind Millie, so I suggest you book your escape with a clear conscience (and lots of sunscreen!) K xx

  2. Amen Sista. That pool pic look soooooooo wonderful. Happy weekend to you too. Love, heidi

  3. That will be me on the other day bed with the stack of mags beside me.

  4. Get out into that sun Millie and get ya cholecaliferol hydroxylated! A-M xx

  5. I think I have forgotten what sun looks like after this winter! Move over cause I am going to join you. xx

  6. Hi Millie,

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend and the sun shines on you and you have time to relax.
    I swear by Omega 3 Fish oil and take it every morning, really helps.
    Our friend that is a Doctor first put us on to it and said if you want to be healthy, take it.


  7. I much prefer your prescription Dr Millie! I must admit, I could really do with the same right now. xx

  8. How nice to sit by the pool, sunshine, a glass of chilled wine, bliss, have a lovely weekend xx

  9. hope the sun shines for you this weekend Ms Millie.
    happy weekend ♥

  10. Oh I know, I'm so over this cold and wet winter. I could really go for this idea and a big jug of something 'interesting' sounds pretty good to me.
    xoxo DJ

  11. I know we're meant to be careful in the sun, but there's no getting round it - nothing beats lounging in the sun for boosting your battery!
    Have a great weekend

  12. I'm thinking an enormous jug of Pimm's, served by Jon Hamm, will just about set you right, Millie. Do you mind if I settle myself down on the other day bed? Meredy xo.
    p.s. my verification word is "corfu"....I think it's a sign:)

  13. Well, at least Moth and Millies Great Vacation is not too far away.
    I can just see the two of you on those sun loungers, having a chat about the BFH !!
    Get that cod liver oil down you Mill's and have a large glass of red as your spoonful of sugar. XXXX

  14. Dear Millie,
    Sitting by a pool looks so very relaxing. Enjoy your lovely weekend and happy sunshine to you!

  15. Boost away Mills!
    Our seasons are about to change aren't they. I grabbed a sweater this evening. You will be nice and warm again in no time.
    xo Lisa

  16. Even here on the California Coast our Summer has gone missing. I feel like we jumped from Spring to Fall. I agree I need a little sun on my Bones. Sue

  17. stay cool, enjoy and relax! hope you are having a grand weekend! verbena cottage


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Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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