Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keep Smiling Miss Millie

It's mid-year Company meeting time again, so on a plane & off to Sydney I go this morning for the rest of the week. Inside information indicates the Agenda is exactly the same as its been for the past 12 years. Needless to say I'm dragging my feet, but I'll put on my happy face & see how long it lasts. Those 3 horrendous words 'Team Building Activities'-TBA's, (or as Mr. HR Expert MOTH calls them Team Destruction Activities-TDA's!) abound for Wednesday night, so I reckon the happy face will disappear totally by about 8p.m., give or take a minute or two. We have been told it involves sports shoes & Olympic Park - oh joy. When will HR realize that all this is so 1980's. The most valuable thing Management could do would be to block book a Day Spa & treat us to an afternoon of intensive pummelling & beauty therapy. It was the boys who suggested this last time & they are spot on. We are a great team, enjoy each other's company immensely, achieve much & are winners in every way. We need to be rewarded with a little luxury, not punished with an evening of TBA/TDA's!!

P.S. The wardrobe in our bedroom looks fantastic & takes up less space than I'd thought it would. Will try & post on it next week with my dodgy, 'on it's last legs' camera. Maybe MOTH might organize all the contents while I'm away.......or then again, maybe he might not!

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  1. Oh I remember well the joys of team building!!! Good luck
    My word verification today is cider perhaps it's telling you to take some with you (the alcoholic one!!!!)

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! Team Building Activites....gak! Perhaps in a display of initiative and co-operation {the whole point of TBA's} you could all agree to mutiny and head off to the day spa/local pub for some "brain storming". Hang in there Miss Millie... Meredy xo.

  3. The latest is a brainstorming on Canvas turning it into a work of art, it can be amazing!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh Millie, hope that you enjoy your week and that you will be treated to some pampering at a day spa, ~ so much better than team building.

    Have a great week

  5. Millie, I am soooo with you about this team building nonsense. The last guest speaker we had was a guy talking about meditation and it was the best 45 mins we have EVER spent as a staff!!
    Reward us for good work, not make more work for us!!
    Hope your days up in Sydney go quickly. Will you get a chance to shop perhaps??
    Irene x

  6. Oh hang in there Millie, it does sound painful....try and dull the pain by getting tanked.
    ps on second thoughts that may increase the pain...maybe going missing in action...at the shops.

  7. Oh Millie I am not one for those TBA's...conjures up all feelings of hatred! I've done my fair share & I so love your approach. Team massage treatments make happy employee's. I loved MOTH's TDA reference. He is such a comedian!

    Hoping all goes well & you packed your snazziest pair of sneakers?

    Safe travels to you. xx Deb

  8. millie,
    i hope it ends up a surprisingly fantastic time away.


  9. Oh Millie I know they can be pain but maybe this one will be great.

    Thank you so much for your wishes.

  10. You lead such a busy life Millie! I hope you have a decent rest coming up to recuperate from the torture of TBAs. David.


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