Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rockin' Down The Highway

MOTH & I are off to Melbourne today for an extended weekend. Rather than fly, he wants to do the 7 hour drive there & back, as apparently we need to have urgent & uninterrupted discussions about the state of our renovations & our big holiday. He says he's working on the Agenda & I have to stick to it - oh joy.

Tomorrow is his 62nd birthday, so we are meeting up with the 3 Melbourne sons & gorgeous family & friends for a party night out on the town. I'm champing at the bit for some mother & sons time, so bring it on.

However, the main reason for our trip is to help celebrate a very close friend's 60th birthday (at 54 I'm the baby of our group!) & retirement from a stellar nursing career. Her dear husband is holding a black tie dinner for her at that last bastion & headquarters of conservative establishment, The Melbourne Club in Collins Street. It's the city's oldest gentleman's club, starting it's life in the heady days of 1858. MOTH says they're very brave inviting me & he's given me strict instructions that I must leave my 'Pinko, Lefto,' leanings (his words, not mine!!) firmly tucked in my handbag for the evening - duly noted dear MOTH. However, it will be lovely to glam up for the occasion & see MOTH out of his grotty work shorts & steel-caps & into a dinner suit.

I hope The Melbourne Club are polishing up their revolving disco mirror-ball as I write this, as there's a whole group of us going who along with the birthday girl, used to be the Dancing Queens of certain Melbourne nightspots a life-time ago! Those long shifts working together in ICU at St. Vinnie's Public made us crazy for a wild night or 3 out on the town. I'm sure the Club's flashing neon dance floor will be rocking on Saturday night with a reunion of said Dancing Queens.

Then Sunday brings Father's Day & Son #1's 33rd birthday, so my sweet SIL has organized a dinner at her place so the boys & their father can do their thing as a very noisy group without exposing innocent restaurant patrons to their 'activities'. Those of you long-suffering Hedgies will know exactly what will occur - so I won't go into the indelicate details. Steel yourself Millie, steel yourself!

So off we go for a grand weekend - see you next week!

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  1. Millie
    Record all conversations about the reno. Trust me.
    Kind regards
    PS: Have a fabulous time

  2. And welcome to Melbourne :)
    I'll wave to you from the hills.
    Have a marvellous time, gosh, the Melb Club too, swanky fun!!
    Drive carefully.

  3. sounds like a wonderful time millie! have fun! and happy birthday to moth. pam

  4. What a great drive that is make sure you go quiet way not horrible trafficky way. You will have fab time. My husband is a member of That Club. I HATE The way it is male only, most of the clubs in the UK have women now too. But anyway it is a lovely building and the food is pretty good too. xoxo

  5. What a wonderful weekend you have ahead of you. Time with your sons - reading this warmed my heart, I love time with my son...Have a lovely trip and make sure you take notes on the drive over!
    Rebecca x

  6. Hi Millie,

    Have a wonderful and safe weekend away. Wishing Moth a happy birthday!
    I know you will be the dancing Queen at the party and have fun!


  7. Well Happy Birthday to Moth. Enjoy your weekend and the drive. And I agree with Karen - record all renovation discussions. xx

  8. It sounds like you have a fabulous weekend ahead. Happy Bithday to MOTH and son #1. Have a great time. xx

  9. Sounds like good times ahead Millie!!

  10. Happy Bday to Moth!! And have a safe trip driving. Hugs hugs! :)

  11. have a wonderful weekend sweet friend... missing you... xxxx

    happy birthday moth...

  12. That sounds like it's gonna be a whole lot of fun! Happy Birthdays to the boys & enjoy to the fullest!
    Bisous from Versailles, Chantal

  13. So long as the discussions on the drive there go well Millie. I must say I'm a little worried. 7 hours is a long time when it comes to renovation discussions. Have a fabulous time with your friends and family!

  14. Hi Mills, it sounds like a fabulous few days ahead! I hope MOTH has a lovely birthday, and enjoy your fancy black tie do.
    I bet your boys will love some Mummy time too ;)
    Flick x

  15. Have a fabulous time, Mill's and MOTH and lots of Mum and son hugs and quality time. You will all have a ball. A few polaroids of the evening would be good, if possible !! Just to see what you all get up to after a few sociable drinks !!
    Have fun. XXXX

  16. Happy Birthday to moth!!
    Hope you are having a lovely holiday!


  17. I think Melbourne needs to broadcast an "all points bulletin" regarding this weekend's proceedings. Be gentle with Melbourne, Millie...

    Shoes. We need to know what shoes you will be wearing. I can only imagine the decision making process has been agonising. Can't wait to hear all about Millie, Moth & sons adventures! Meredy xo.

  18. Have fun, my friend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTH!!!!!!!
    Love, Heidi

  19. Have a brilliant time Millie...turn the music up on the highway and get into the party sounds like a fun weekend, xv.

  20. I can't think of a lovelier weekend. There's nothing quite like getting a sighting of your children... Thrilled to have found your blog!

  21. Dropping by to say hello & greet MOTH a Happy Father's Day. Perfect timing for his BD too. Double greetings.

    Hope you both enjoy the bash in Melbourne. Well, I been in that place & it rocks. Promise...


  22. Happy weekend Millie, I must say reno discussions while driving doesnt sound like the safest driving option. Take care!!!

  23. Oh my goodness...what a wonderful, fun filled weekend you have planned! I hope you enjoy it all and come back with lots of photos and stories! :)

  24. Millie what a weekend for all weekends. Wishing MOTH a belated happy birthday (& father's day) and a happy birthday to your son. My youngest son's birthday is tomorrow. Good people are born in Sept. Your dear friends 60th sounded like a super fun event. I could never stand still listening to Dancing Queen. I'd be right there on the dance floor with you. We even hung a huge disco ball at our 2001 wedding reception much to my parents dismay. I hope you danced the night away, Lefto-Pinko attitude attached!

    Safe travels home. Hugs xx deb


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