Monday, September 20, 2010

In Bed With Millie & MOTH

Here's my long-overdue post of our recent bedroom 'tweak'. My dodgy, on-its-last-legs camera plus a cold, grey Winter's day is responsible for the less than optimal images today, so apologies all round for the rubbishy definition.

The funny slopy ceilings & weird quirky window shapes are still there, but I've become so used to them I find them strangely attractive! There's nothing like a bit of 70's architecture for a good laugh.

I'm really happy with the new padded headboard & new linen. I'm still hunting for the right throw pillows for a bit of colour against the white damask. So it's a bit stark presently & MOTH reckons it's like being tucked up in a hospital bed!

A Before image. We said farewell to our beloved old brass & iron bed & the long expanse of bare wall at the end of the bed.

And now we are footless, with a lovely big, useful wardrobe covering the bare wall. We couldn't take the cabinetry flush up to the ceiling 'cos of its high raked, sloping nature. Que sera sera & all that. So who gets up the ladder with the vacuum cleaner occasionally to clean the top will be decided with the toss of a coin!

MOTH & I did have a bit of a 'discussion' as to how much space I he was allocated!

The wardrobes are surprisingly compact & still leave us plenty of room to walk around the bed. Golly I need a new camera!!

I had a tailored, box-pleated valance made out of the same fabric as the padded headboard. It wasn't a cheap exercise but I love the result.

Looking outside the bedroom window today. My favourite tree is showing its Winter face.

This the same tree as it is in Summer - so lush & shady.

I don't have a Before image of the Master Bedroom, it was so revolting I was too distraught to take one. However, think exposed red/brown brick walls, dark beams, brown varnished woodwork, green shantung spider-infested curtains, swirly multi-coloured carpet & a built-in wardrobe complete with olive green aluminium frame & brown smoked glass sliding doors on the day we moved in. Very similar to this Before pic of one of the other bedrooms. Truly hideous.



  1. You've created a beautiful haven Millie, what a gorgeous space to rest your head.
    Speaking of which, do you know Tina at
    She is a genius at creating beautiful cushions and throws that would be just perfect in your space. Tina has an Etsy store where you could have a look at some of her handiwork and she might even be open to doing a bit of bespoke sewing with your initials on the cushions.
    Anyhoo, that's enough from me, well done with your makeover.

    Felicity x

    PS: Have you heard of double-sided coins...just saying!

  2. It looks divine I really love valance and headboard. The thing about spending money on quality is that it really really shows. Love your geraniumy vista.

  3. Oh Millie it looks lovely, its all come together and feels very soothing and comfortable to be in your bedroom. you must be proud of your efforts both you and MOTH.

  4. just lovely! can't imagine what it was like to start with!

    maybe a few "vintage" suitcases or something to go on top of the cupboards?

  5. Jane's right - the headboard and valance look fabulous and worth every penny spent on them. The space looks great Millie. Love the heavy linen curtains, and what a difference a little paint makes to those bricks! Sweet dreams Millie and Moth!

  6. A lovely peaceful space Millie. I love the added color under the window. Beautiful linens - and well worth the expense. Have a lovely week.

  7. you did a great job, and I love your bed skirt.

  8. Hi Millie - we must have been visiting each other at the same time!! Love the new room - that headboard is delicious! A little like mine actually - great taste! Hope the nasty winter in Adelaide is shifting and spring has arrived! So loving the smell of freesia's here in Sydney. Leanne x

  9. Hi Millie, what a fabulous makeover! I really love your curtains and the matching bedhead and skirt. Your damask linen looks beautiful and I bet you don't know yourself with all that wardrobe space. Nice job! ;-)

  10. What a transformation from a room of exposed brick. The white and simplicity makes for a relaxing, serene space, just what you want in a bedroom. Well done. I will be doing up our bedroom soon (as we are about to have a walk in robe added to the room through which we will be able to enter our new ensuite) and this has given me some ideas.

  11. Love the headboard and valance, super chic. You guys have done a great job, it looks so serene and a bedroom should.

  12. Hi Millie
    Really beautiful I love the proportion of the bedhead it really looks prefect.
    The bed skirt finishes it off beautifully.
    Your new cushions will finish the job.
    Kind Regards

  13. Looks great Millie. I love the fullness of your drapes and your pleated skirt is just beautiful.
    Hey I know someone who does cushions ;0)
    Ness xx

  14. Oh Mill's,
    I thought for a moment that I had accidently stumbled on one of those 'naughty' blogs !! hehe.
    I think that your bedroom is lovely and, from pictures that you have shown on other houses, very 'you'. You have fitted in everything, but it doesn't look at all cluttered and I bet you don't know yourselves with all of that new storage....or should I say you don't know yourself !! If it's anything like our wardrobe allocation, I think that it's about 75% to 25 % in my favour !
    I'm sure that you will spend many cosy nights in your new bedroom.It's certainly all starting to come together. Now, how's the BFH going ?!! XXXX

  15. gorgeous millie! ah, the bedskirt.... i'm about to go the custom route too (although with my new sewing machine). just can't find anything i like. you wouldn't think it would be so hard.

  16. Bravo! Well done. I know that you and MOTH are very happy, it feels so good to finish a project. Heidi

  17. clever looks wonderful. And the light/garden/everything just gives me wonderful memories of our holiday to the Adelaide hills. You're lucky living there i say! Mel xx

  18. Wow, what a transformation Millie.....just wonderful! I remember you mentioning the headboard before - I love your choice.

    And what a lovely view you have too :)

    I did think (from the blogpost title) that perhaps we would be treated to the sight of MOTH reclining on the new bed.....but it's only Monday and he wouldn't want to spoil us girls too much now would he ;)

  19. It looks so inviting - like a really plush hotel. Well done!

  20. Job well done Millie! You must be so pleased. The difference you have both made to this room is looks so serene, just like a bedroom should look and feel. I think you're being a bit hard on yourself with the photo taking....I thought the photo's looked great!!!!lol
    Enjoy the rest of your day
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  21. Wow what a transformation! Youe bedroom look initing and cosy. Just lovely. Letitia x

  22. Hi Millie,

    I love the new look to your bedroom, the bedhead, valance and drapes all look so beautiful.
    You must be so happy how it has all come together so well.
    Good luck with the wardrobe allocation!

    Have a great week

  23. Well done MIllie, it looks fabulous - very serene.

    Leeann x

  24. Hello Miss Millie - me again! I have just tagged you for a little award if you are keen to play along! Always so lovely to hear your random things!! Leanne x

  25. This is similar to what we faced in my 'villa renovation' series. I found it hard to find before and after shots too. Distraught is a great way to explain it!

  26. It looks BEAUTIFUL - an oasis of calm - well done! x

  27. What a beautiful and relaxing space. I really love the space. You do such a great job with neutrals.

  28. PRETTY bedroom!!! Hope all is well with you... thought I'd pop over to say hello... it has been too long... I will try to pop over again soon... it is good to see ALL the beautiful things you post!

  29. Millie your bedroom looks absolutely fabulous! It was certainly worth the wait. Love everything, especially the gorgeous valance. Leigh


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