Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wet & Wild!

Our long weekend in Melbourne was glorious, but the weather just horrendous! We spent the whole time dodging the torrential wind & rain, but the time out & about with family & friends was just wonderful.

Friday night was a big night out for MOTH's birthday & a well-deserved fall off the diet wagon. Here he is with Son #2, cushioning his fall with a huge plate of profiteroles swimming in hot fudge sauce. My camera chose this weekend to confirm what I had suspected for a while, that it's on it's last legs & a replacement is now a major priority, so the quality of the pics are atrocious. (Rosemary, I'll be heading over to take advice for the replacement from you - your images are always so amazing.)

Saturday night's party for dear L's. big birthday was fantastic. MOTH's sister thought this pre-party pic was nice.

But I much prefer this 'misty' image that the dying camera produced. The halo to the left of my head is fab - it actually confirms what I've been telling MOTH all these years about my angelic persona!

After dinner at The Melbourne Club, we all moved into a large function room that used to be the old Royal Tennis Court. MOTH dared me to take a pic of the very un-PC items on the wall up on the gallery. It was the best of nights, & we had a fantastic time. Sadly, my couple of pics of the birthday girl & her family were totally trashed thanks to my dodgy camera.

MOTH was a little tired & emotional around 1 a.m., & found the MC's podium a jolly good place to 'rest'.

Sunday bought Father's Day & Son #1's birthday. The rain held off for a little while, & here's Sons 1, 2 & 3 & my sweet SIL tucking into a yummy lunch at her place.

MOTH, his sister, her fella & the boys.

Son # 2 wanted this pic deleted, so I am!!! I've taken an Annual Leave day today, so I'd better head off & attack the pile of laundry we've brought home. The other half of the shower screen has been installed this morning, & I've just spent the past half hour in the Bathroom-From-Hell cooing & sighing over the gorgeous thing! MOTH's on notice that he's got to put the ceiling up in there this weekend, or I'll halve his already stingy diet rations.

Image 1: Sky Scrapers


  1. Fun pics!! Happiest Birthday Wishes to your MOTH! xox

  2. Oh you make a gorgeous couple! A-M xx

  3. You both look great. Yes the weather in Melbourne was pretty funny. My children keep saying 'what's that noise' because they are so unused to the sound!!

    You and MOTH look great too love the silver. xoxo

  4. What a great week-end, lovely to see photos. You and MOTH look fabulous, a very glamorous couple I must say :)

    The Melbourne Club looks very impressive - as did the profiteroles ;)

    Hope all the Sons are well :)

    I need a favour over at my blog, please come and meet Butch - if you have 2 mins to spare, that would be great. Thank you so much :) xx

  5. Very glamorous, the pair of you! K xx

  6. What a weekend to head to Melbourne! But wow, don't you look glamorous. MOTH scrubs up ok too! :)

  7. What a lovely family weekend that was, you both look great in the photos. Enjoy your holiday

  8. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time togethor, I love your pics, shame about the weather!!

  9. what a fab weekend - love the pics! yes the angelic one is priceless!
    Wasn't the weather shocking over the weekend? I had a wedding to attend Saturday - ceremony at the monastery and the power went out half way through, rest of service held in the dark, tree over the road on the way to the reception at longview vineyard so an alternate route was required, and one of the two coach buses taking all the guests to the reception broke down - but a good time was had by all! x

  10. You certainly picked a doozy of a weekend to head to Melbourne! Glad you had a great time with family and friends despite the horrid weather. You both looked very glam! ;-)

  11. Hi Millie,

    Glad that you had a wonderful weekend with your family and friends and I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos.
    You and Moth make a fabulous couple and how neat that the birthdays went off well.

    Happy week

  12. Miller,
    It all looks and sounds like a fabulous little getaway and party. And oh my, you and MOTH make such a strikingly handsome couple.

    I always enjoy and appreciate open/honest blog posts - when the happy moments and important people are shared with the rest of us. Thanks for sharing your special people and events. Rita

  13. i am so happy that you shared these snaps with us.
    you are definitely a dashing pair.

    ...and that thing in the pic by your head could be a ghost.

    did anything weird happen?


  14. Looks U had a splendid time, together with your friends & loveones.

    Have a great pre week-end greetings from a chilly Stockholm, M...



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