Friday, February 4, 2011

Cable Beach

Maria over @ Design-Elements featured this home recently & if anyone has the knitting pattern for that amazing throw rug stashed anywhere, could you dig it out & send me a copy please. I reckon I'd need to substitute a couple of broomsticks for knitting needles though! I've been fighting a throat infection this week & have been feeling very ordinary, so will be having a quiet weekend. Although MOTH's got other ideas, something about me labouring for him as he wants to get cracking & finish a large rock retaining wall down on our little meadow.

There's this huge pile of Kanmantoo stone he had delivered & dumped on our other driveway over 2 years ago just waiting for this exact moment. Will I be happy to see it moved?
YOU ??#**! BET!!


  1. hmmm, have fun with those rocks Millie, they are nice but I wouldn't want to be moving them!

    throw rug is amazing, hope you find the pattern.

    happy day to you sweet Millie, sending you some cupcake hugs ♥

  2. I love the throw. Would you really need a pattern Millie? Couldn't you just upscale any old cable pattern to the right size?
    Listen to me, giving advice about knitting which is something I'm so slow at I should never do it public!
    Hope you feel better soon but not so better that you have to help with those rocks!
    Pamela xx

  3. Cool throw...and I like the wood treatment on the walls.
    Mary Ann

  4. You tease, I thought we were going to the beach!
    If you do get the pattern, I would't mind a squiz at it. Looks like heavy duty work. But what an effect!

  5. Oh dear Millie...I hope you are feeling well soon. I am just coming out of the same...such a drag! Love, love, love that throw. I hope you find it although how you would find the time is beyond me. You are one busy woman!!

    Best wishes for a quiet, restful and peaceful weekend and good luck with all that rock :)

    Jeanne xx

  6. I don't think a woman could lift those heavy rocks unless she had an expensive new handbag.

  7. laughed at the broom sticks for knitting needles! dont you also love the striped bed skirt - its divine.

  8. Dear Mill's,
    Whenever you talk about the land around your home, I get a bit green !! It sound's and looks so beautiful and so extensive. It must be so lovely to have so much outside space. .....hard work though, I'm sure.
    That throw is great....while your knitting one, perhaps you could fashion a couple of jumpers for you and MOTH....I could just see you both in them !!!!
    Enjoy your weekend and tell MOTH that rock moving is NOT on the agenda.
    PS.....I love the comment Mise left you. She has the best sense of humour, doesn't she ?
    Hope you are feeling better soon. XXXX

  9. But the rocks make a pretty picture in any case, very sculptural! You can't just leave them there and, Oh that's by Richard Long of course!

  10. Hope your feeling better now. Perhaps not rush back into the labouring. Fiona

  11. I think your right Millie, you really would need some huge knitting needles for that rug, lucky you'll have big muscles after moving those boulders, that should help to hold the knitting needles!!!

  12. oooh...I love all the neat stuff on that bed!

  13. Do not even think to touch them, all you end up with is a herniated disk....
    Thats the guy's job!!!
    All you do is lean on your broomstick and consider doing a few spells!!!!
    Or use those xxl - knitting needles for that gorgeous throw!

    xoxo Victoria,
    So glad I stopped by again!

  14. When I first saw this bed room picture, I thought that MOTH must have went on a Red Bull bindge and finished up the other spare bedroom in incredible record time. But then I started reading. This room looks very you, I love it. I am so sorry that you are not well, seems everyone I know is not well at the moment. One thing that made me so very happy is the miricle that your Lucky Country had braved a level 5 hurricane with absolutely no deaths. That is unheard of. Love, Heidi

  15. Gorgeous knit! It's so lovely! Have a beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx

  16. What a beautiful throw. I suspect it was knit by a giant.

    Those rocks look like they will make a wonderful retaining wall. I would love to do something to my plain old back yard, which is entirely composed of grass... so boring...

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