Friday, February 11, 2011

It's My Turn

Chocolate Truffle Tart
MOTH took great pleasure last night in reminding me that it's my turn to do Valentine's Day dinner this year - oh joy. I asked him if he had any special culinary requests & was surprised when he said 'Chocolate Mills.....dark, rich, bitter chocolate.' As neither of us are great chocolate eaters, it seems that a year of the Biggest Loser diet regime has left him feeling deprived. Here's what I'm mulling over for the big splurge on Monday evening.

Chocolate Souffles

Chocolate Panna Cotta Layer Cake

Mexican Chocolate Pots de Creme

Alain Ducasse's Bitter Chocolate Tart

Rich Chocolate Mousse

Triple Chocolate Praline Tart

Bitter Chocolate Jellies with White Chocolate Creme Fraiche

Bumble Ginger Roulade

Chocolate-Coated Panforte Ice-Cream Balls

Chocolate Strawberry Layer Cake
I'm sort of leaning toward something well contained with little/no leftovers for him to pig out on for the rest of the week. So the bitter chocolate jellies or those yummy panforte icecream balls will probably get the Millie nod. It's the weekend, so go enjoy!
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  1. millie
    you are killing me.
    i just grew 2 sizes.
    thank you very much!!!

    i like the very first one.
    but i wouldn't kick any of the others out of bed either.

  2. What time should I be over for dessert? I guess having guests defeats the purpose of a Valentine's dinner, but everything you've chosen looks so yummy.

    Of course, if having me over doesn't work, I'd be happy to accept your leftovers.


  3. I'm with Renee although I think on top of the 2 sizes extra I'm experiencing a hot flash. I so want to try the Mexican Choc. pots; well actually, all of them!

    You two romantic kids I hope will have lots of tasty treats for Valentines Day! xx

  4. Wow...what to choose? They all look totally delectable to me. Have a lovely romantic dinner! And thanks for some ideas I may use myself...

  5. Millie I know three's a crowd but please ..... you'd hardly notice I was there and I'm a fabulous washer-upper. At least consider this heartfelt request - no person should be deprived of chocolate this good. Leigh

  6. I am just wiping the dribble off my chin. Dark Chocolate is my favourite.

  7. Ooooh...The Mister would swoon if I placed any of those in front of him on the 14th! :) That first one looks especially scrumptious!

  8. Yep, my hips just grew another 2 inches as well looking at all those images. Music to my ears! (the chocolate not the hips growing)

    Enjoy your weekend in the kitchen.

    Jennifer xx

  9. Oh my! I can't resist staring at those goodies! I'm craving for some chocolate devil cake!

  10. Hiya Mills in the Hills

    I was also thinking contained portions might be the go. Have you run out of bathrooms for him to renovate as exercise? Must also find some hard yakka for him to do to burn it off the enxt day. The tennis courts?

    Love from the (don't-blame-me-I-only-live-here) Capital

  11. double yum - Jamie Oliver does a great choc tart too - a bit like your top image - rather rich so you can't eat too much - happy V day - le xox

  12. OMG Mills, I could taste all of them, the pictures are so good. I say "goo on you MOTH, go for it"! A-M xx

  13. Oh lord, I think I might just leave this post on my screen all day just to perk up my grey and rainy London Friday!!!!

    I LOVE chocolate!! That chocolate panna cotta layer cake is just killing me LOL!!!

    Hope your cough goes away soon & that you get a little down-time this week-end, take care Millie xx

  14. Mmmmm, it looks so delicious!!!
    Happy Valentine's day to you dear Millie.

  15. Wow, as a chocoholic, these photos are so tempting. I like the idea of the Mexican Chocolate Pots de Creme, the Chocolate Mousse and the little ice cream balls. Yum! Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

  16. I'd settle for any of these - would three be a crowd if I were to pop by? Perhaps preceded by Hare with Chocolate Sauce.

  17. I wasn't going to make a dessert this weekend and just have a small bite at the restaurant, but I may cave in and make the Chocolate Truffle Tart. Too yummy to pass up. Have a lovely Valentine's day, Millie!

  18. Thanks for all those chocolate sweet calories..Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!


  19. Oh no. I can't pick just one... I want them ALL!

  20. I'm sure that MOTH will take any one of those Mill's.....and so would I if I hadn't been eating non-stop over the last fortnight. I've been out to dinner that many times that I'm fit to burst.
    You and MOTH get your lips around some gorgeous chocolate dessert and don't even think about the consequences..... a little of what you fancy does you good !!
    Have a lovely, romantic and chocolately Valentines Day both of you. XXXX

  21. Just close your eyes and can't go wrong...they all look delicious. You have to eat chocolate on Valentine's Day for sure. Have fun preparing something delicious for MOTH Millie.

  22. Hi Millie,

    Happy Valentines Day! glad it is only once a year with all the decadent chocolate you have shown.
    A girl could get fat just looking at all the yummy desserts.
    Hope your day is sprinkled with much love, hugs and kisses.


  23. Diet out the window.!!! yummm yummm
    I just found your blog and I love it! Since now you have a new follower and I invited you to visit mine.
    Have a nice weekend

  24. Wow, these look delicious...I vote for the chocolate cups and am off to find a recipe too. Hope you are feeling better.


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