Friday, February 18, 2011

Pond Action

The day is warm & overcast & February is normally our driest month, yet we have record rainfall forecast for today & tomorrow. The rain is gently falling already, so it was quite odd to see the water lillies on our pond in full bloom. They truly are the Divas of our garden, only blooming briefly for a day, then disappearing forever.

Somewhere underneath all the leaves are Son # 4's big collection of goldfish, which we are 'babysitting'. They've been here for nearly a year, & much to my relief, all are still with us & are fat & thriving. Which is quite amazing as I misunderstood Son #4's instructions & have only fed them once a week on Monday's. When I casually mentioned this to him a couple of weeks ago he looked aghast, as he reckons he told me to feed them EVERY day, with extra on Monday! It's the weekend, so go enjoy!



  1. I love to see all of the surprises in your yard. The lilies are georgous. I once had a goldfish named George and he got too big for our fish tank, so I put him in the cattle water tank. I never fed him, but he continued to grow. I think that they might be bottom feeders? Heidi

  2. millie

    you crack me up! long as they are not floating on're cool.

  3. Ha ha, that's too funny. Well, funny because they're fine..Rachaelxx

  4. They're beautiful! I'm glad that you didn't kill the goldfish!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hi Mills, we are traveling Oz at the moment, and yesterday we went to my childhood home in Gumeracha, over to Monarto zoo and back through Harndorf and past the STUNNING STirling! You lucky thing, what a beautiful village! The rain is surprising us too, I bet your whole garden is loving it. Fingers crossed for the goldfish ;)
    Flick xo

  6. Your pond looks divine....and your fish are alive...I took your advice awhile back and did not clean my pond..and yes my fish are still alive...but alas we've only had flowers once! Any tips for flower producing greatfully recieved...Oh well..Have a great weekend..Kym X

  7. We have fish in an old pond in our garden Millie...They were there when we bought the property....eleven years and they are still thriving...The goldfish are there to stay! xv
    PS Don't feed them ice-cream...a sure fire way to get rid of them!!

  8. so pretty! enjoy your weekend millie. i enjoy an occasional rainy weekend. i don't feel guilty about lounging and reading a book. pam

  9. Hi Millie,

    The waterlillies are beautiful and did not know they only last for one day. So glad to hear the goldfish are doing fine.
    My kids had them once all for about a few days. Marcel wanted to get them out and play with them. I do think they do better when not fed very much as they become bloated and float to the top.

    Hope that you are enjoying your weekend

  10. Waterlilies, bay hedges, fattened fish, a french speaking husband - Millie your life is like a pastoral poem!

    Felicity x

    PS Perhaps Son #4 hasn't heard that you signed the contract for the first installment of "The Biggest Loser - Piscine Edition" - I'm sure that you mentioned that the takings would be going towards the boys' inheritance, or something like that?!?


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