Monday, February 21, 2011

Mind Your Step

MOTH worked most of the weekend at a client's house, so nothing much happened around The Hedge. However, he did come home on Saturday night muttering about the project he's doing down on our small meadow. The retaining wall is coming along OK, but will get an even bigger nudge after he has a facet joint injection into his dogdy left shoulder today. A combo. of his days abalone diving, an 'incident' with a ladder at work & old age he says has caused his shoulder to stop moving in any direction! Anyway, he reckons it's time to think about the thing he hates constructing the most - steps. He did a flight of them for me in our old garden & never have I heard such moaning, groaning & colourful language. So I thought I'd better do some research & show him pics of what I'd like - & then run a million miles an hour in the opposite direction as he protests at top note!

Love Paige Shaw's interpretation in the first image & how about these beauties from Westover.

I have a feeling that these curvilicious ones from Alice Cooke may just tip him over the edge!

This flight from Veranda are almost exactly right for the spot in our garden.

But then again, I do like the long step in these from Katherine Field.

I feel another busted leg coming on with these challenging ones from Secret Gardens!

More rustic beauty from Veranda.

A fabulous flight from The Greenwich Phantom.

And I love this image from La Gaurdia to bits as it's sort of like what our little meadow looks like except a smidgie bigger. Just like this pic, we have the laurel hedge bordering the space on two sides & it's what the eye sees off in the distance from the driveway. Now off to pick up a groggy MOTH from the Radiologist's & 'surprise' him with my fab ideas!



  1. Loving these photos Millie, but perhaps today/this week isn't the ideal time to be sharing them enthusiastically with MOTH - just saying!

    Hope all is well and he has an easy night's rest.

    Felicity x

  2. Your timing could be perfect Millie. Hit him with it while he's still under the influence! And I'd go for the curvilicious steps first, to test the waters, and then sooth MOTH by agreeing to settle for something a little less trying.

  3. They are all incredibly beautiful, but the curved steps are just something else ~ dare I say "a step above" the straight flights???

  4. Oh, those pictures are so relaxing and welcoming. Oh, to have some shade under a leafy green tree right now! xx

  5. Love all these steps Millie...especially the ones from Verandah...
    I will be awaiting more news about out TV excited to get those cameras whirling!!! xv

  6. Yes, I agree with Felicity, maybe not the curved ones at the moment. However, it couldn't hurt to just show him some pics and he may eventually think it was all his idea.

  7. Snap, Millie, I have stone steps much on my mind lately for my own garden, and this is the look I want:

    Would MOTH mind popping over to do mine when he is finished? Air-fares can't be that expensive, though I guess he may need to pay extra for the heavy tools. Do come yourself as well and we'll have a little glass of something while we watch the building work.

  8. You have a small meadow?! I'd love a meadow. In fact I am going to call our hankerchief-sized square of lawn 'the meadow' henceforth.

    Also, sorry, but did you say MOTH was an abalone diver? Intriguing. Did he wear a glass dome-headed diving suit and carry a hunting knife? Pray tell.

    Deb from the National -- don;t blame me -- Capital x

  9. Steps with staddle stones are FABULOUS.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  10. Love these could not have picked better ones. Love the mystery of a secret garden and all the little critters that are drawn to it. I hope they were well received!
    Happy planning!!

    Jeanne xx

  11. There's something so romantic and magical about a secret garden.

  12. What a very huge and lovely garden. Love all the green grass and trees!

  13. i have always love the stone terraced lawns.


  14. Millie, I love that you have a small meadow, a pond and an old tennis court. Obviously I missed the post about you and MOTH being royalty. Sounds absolutely glorious at your place!

  15. I'm just a lowly Commoner around The Hedge dear 63 Shells - it's King MOTH who's the real blue blood!! x

  16. Hi Millie,

    Love all the photos of steps you have shared today, good luck for getting yours in place.
    Hope Moths shoulder is coming right.

    Happy Wednesday

  17. love, love... especially the last photo!


  18. A great post Millie. I need to put some steps in what's left of our back yard. These images are gorgeous, not sure I'll manage anything that lovely. Rachaelxx

  19. That last photo is fantastic! It's like reversed gardening almost!
    I too love and appreciate old stone steps.
    beautiful post mills.
    xo Lisa


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