Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All Things Blue & Beautiful

Polly Eltes

Atlanta Homes Magazine

Kim Sayer

Steven Sclaroff

A little break from the Christmas colours of the Season & yes, as many of you know I can't resist opening my Blue file every now & then. This is the 4th post featuring all things true blue, & some of you may be relieved to hear that the file is now actually shrinking!

Judy over at lily-g posted on gorgeous blue & white recently & it made me want to take a peek into the file again. Thanks Judy for the inspiration!


  1. You've done it again! your blue posts are to die for. Thank you darling Millie! xx

  2. :)!!!! I am a blue and white fanatic!!!What a great collection of pictures!!! I actually marked this post as a favorite and plan to create a screen saver out of some of these pictures!!Yeah it is THAT good!

  3. I love all things blue too. But, not feeling blue! I would take any of these rooms in a heart beat! Sigh


  4. What a wonderful collection. So dreamy. Thanks for sharing, several of these images I have just seen for the first time, those are my favorite kinds. HEidi

  5. I want to freeze dry this post. I have bookmarked it, added a star, put a shortcut on my desktop, added to favorites, and emailed it to myself.

    Did I say I love it? ♥Rosemary

  6. Your inspiring blue images have just been the little break I have needed...beautiful!! Amanda x

  7. I may have to reupholster my bed in blue now... and add a chandelier and a fireplace and an antique mirror!

  8. So pretty....what a great selection.. those bunk beds are so fun!!!! wouldn't you just love you're own little curtain like that!

  9. Oh that boat bedroom is making me gasp sigh swoon - can imagine a little bit of romance in there too!

    How badly I want a little boat (and a captain to drive ... woops, sail!) xx

  10. Brilliant! How gorgeous is that little pale blue couch at the end of the bed, with the flagstone floor underfoot?

  11. I just love the image of the table with the buttons and blue pencils. It would make me very happy to have jugs of colour coded pencils at my place. Sad, but true.

  12. Are these blue posts just for me? Because I've been going through a blue phase for awhile and I can't get enough...such a gorgeous post!

  13. Oh I just love blue especially with white. Those are real eye candies.

  14. You have posted some really gorgeous images here kiddo! I especially love that first bedroom.
    Lisa & Alfie


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