Monday, December 15, 2008

Beach Baby

Images Beachmour

This is my last week of work for the year - hurray! And I've got the sun & sand of the beach uppermost in my mind. We are still experiencing a late burst of very chilly weather & rain here in the Adelaide Hills, with 42mm. of very welcome rain since last Thursday & the garden is fresh & alive after its much-needed drink.

Our country lane Christmas party on Saturday night was fantastic - our neighbours Phil & Bridget have set the bar very high for next year. Interestingly, just as we arrived at 7p.m. the entire village experienced a power failure, so there was a big flurry of everyone dashing home for candles. We spent the whole night partying by candlelight & although it was somewhat challenging, everyone agreed it was the best party for years!

Instead of the music being provided electronically, someone sat down at Bridget's piano & managed to play Christmas carols by candelight. All the younger kids were immediately drawn to the music & the sight of their beautiful little faces lit by the soft candle glow singing Away in a Manger at top note, certainly caused a few sniffles amongst those of us looking on. When the power finally spluttered back on at 10.30p.m., there was a resounding chorus of "Oh, no!", which was pretty amazing!! A decision was made & all the lights except the Christmas Tree twinklies were turned off & we continued on with the candles - a truly wonderful night.

Here's a stunning beach house rental to drool over - Beachmour is on Dalmeny Beach near Narooma on the New South Wales south coast, 4 1/2 hours from Sydney. How does flat-screen TV's in all the bedrooms, iPod docking stations, king-size beds with Egytpian cotton linen, current selection of glossy magazines, Aveda bath products, day beds, indoor & outdoor fireplaces, yoga mats & even a dog bed sound for starters? Very Millie style I say!


  1. what a fabulous night! Certainly wintery weather we have had the last couple of days but we can't complain when rain decides to fall from the heavens these days!

    I must say, I certainly have the beach and sun and sand on my mind, only 8 sleeps til I fly to Noosa, not that I'm counting at all! Have a fabulous last week darling x

  2. A thoroughly Modern Millie! :)

  3. Hi Millie - back now in warm (hot) qld and we had to buy jumpers down there!! Mind you just loved it and am glad all the gardens are getting a drink as it was very dry. Your xmas party sounded wonderful and have a great break, Mel xxx

  4. A candlelight Christmas party. What fun! Thanks for the great story. Love your set of photos too. Hope your last week of work goes smoothly with no stress!

  5. Oh Millie,

    I just love your posts! Keeping my fingers crossed your Christmas lilies are ready in time!!! :-)


  6. Lovely to have some time off! My work should slow too until the new year... yea! The calm before the storm... lol... so ENJOY while you can!
    Great beach house! If you rent it we will come! LOL at least virtually!

  7. I think sometimes Millie the best parties are when something unexpected your power failure. Dalmeny does have some stunning beach spots...not too far from us!!! Can imagine how you would be looking forward to the end of the working week for this year...Take Care, Dzintra

  8. A lovely lovely story Miss Millie :) I would have been just as excited as the kids with the carols by piano and candlelight. Sounds like my kind of evening.

    Anna :)

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful party! From what I can gather, there seems to be a real community spirit in the Adelaide hills townships, which must be lovely.

  10. j'ai fait un mauvais clic
    j'ai perdu mes abonnés

  11. It sounds beautiful. I have enjoyed the rain we have had lately snuggling up at night by the tree, instead of being warm all the time...a hint of a winter xmas.
    The beach house is divine, and not too far from where I am originally from.
    Ness xx

  12. Millie, Sun and sand are most definitely on my mind...but all we have here is snow, rain or cold these days! Your photos are warming though and I can go there in my mind. We leave in a few days to go to Atlanta and then to Savannah for the holidays. It will (with fingers crossed) be warmer there!

  13. Your party sounded so beautiful. Funny how we can plan elaborate events then we can think it will be a disaster if anything went wrong only to find that the simple things in life create the most wonderful memories and bring us together. We are all looking forward to a well earned holiday, and i think we all deserve it. Hayley


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