Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanks Mike!

This is without doubt my happiest post of the Christmas Season, as yesterday the new hot water service was installed! 8 weeks without any hot water in the kitchen & laundry has really stretched my patience, but this morning I went out the back door & never has a hideously ugly grey metal cylinder looked so beautiful!

Although having to write a cheque out for $5,261.00 to the Plumber did cause my heart to fibrillate somewhat! If we sit down & complete 50 pages of a complicated application form, in about 8 weeks we will get a $1,000 back from our wonderful Government for our trouble, as we installed a Heat Pump System (under sufferance!). MOTH always fondly refers to himself as an unashamed Environmental Vandal, but on this occasion he had to defer to the Green Movement, with much coughing & spluttering on his part!

There seemed to be a cast of thousands here for most of the day, but sadly none of the plumbers vaguely resembled the gorgeous Mike Delfino the Wisteria Lane Plumber! As expected, MOTH did put a dampener on my happiness by informing me that considering the amount of money to fly out of our hands & into the Swiss bank account of our Plumber, this is my Christmas present & I should be happy about it!


  1. Sounds just like MOTH as I have come to know him Millie!!! At least the hot water came in all good timing for you...Dzintra XX

  2. Hooray for hot water... won't it make washing all those Christmas dinner plates easier. Money well spent - I expect the plumber's kids will have a bumper present haul on you this year!

  3. Hot Water a Christmas Present? I think not..... at least I hope not... ? Can't wait to hear if the moth is serious!


  4. YUM yum he's so cute!

    I'm very glad you have hot water, its the little things....

  5. Yay! Hot water is so under rated!! I hope you and your family and dear MOTH have a fantastic Christmas and I look forward to reading about what you two get up to over the break. Thank you for being such a wonderful supporter of my blog Millie. I appreciate it.
    Luv Ness xx

  6. Wow, that's some major plumbing at a cool $5k!
    Merry Christmas to you Millie, one of my absolute favourite bloggers. I will be picturing you on Christmas Day opening your presents from MOTH with your OWN little love notes attached - how I would love to see those!
    Have a fabulous time and I look forward to keeping in touch next year.
    Catherine xx

  7. While I'm very happy you got your water heater, you definitely deserve a different gift, lol! I've never seen a service man that looks like Mike from DH. If I did, I'd have to take his photo and blog about it :)

  8. Needing a little break from 12 inches of snow and gale force winds outside the window somehow I found myself here.
    Your post is amusing although I am sure the price was not.
    May you luxuriate in the bath surrounded by bubbles and enjoy your Christmas gift.

  9. Ahhh, Moth! Such a spoilsport! Well at least he can fill the hot water bottle now to put at your feet after he gives you that Christmas foot massage. And it won't cost him anything more than an hour(or two!) of his time! lol
    Merry Christmas Millie!
    Lisa & Alfie

  10. YOur lucky in a way w/ no hot water. It's summer downunder and this make things easier than it's winter time.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas & to your loving MOTH & kids.

    DOn't worry, your intrepid traveller is having a very good time. I promise. Soo much memories to tell his grandkids when his come.

    Chill OUT!


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