Friday, December 5, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright!

Still on the Christmas Party merry-go-round, it's my work's turn to keep me 'happy' on Saturday night. As there are only 2 of us working for the Company here in South Australia, that makes for an interesting night, but as I've got the best work buddy (& dedicated party animal!) in the country, it's always a pleasure partying with him.

Our Head Office is in Sydney & I heard an 'interesting' report yesterday from a colleague based there. They had the Sydney Office Chrissie Party last weekend & she reckons I had a lucky escape. Some dope (if I mention the initials H.R. would that be a hint?) booked one of those awful Sydney Harbour party cruises (think bad food & even worse wine!) & it was the night from hell. A few of the more alert people (including my boss) saw a chance to escape via the back of the boat @ 9p.m. when it came back into dock briefly to allow the terrible roaming Brazilian dance troupe off. The image of them plotting their escape & quietly jumping ship sent me into hysterics. She said it was a real shocker, do they never learn!

So D., the lovely Mrs. D, MOTH & myself are out on the town for a great night to 'celebrate' another year of big challenges & questionable sales targets! . However, no tacky cruise for us, just a great restaurant & some fun nightclubs after, I can hardly wait! If you're partying this weekend, throw caution to the wind & go hard! (Ooooh, I can't believe I just wrote that, all our boys would be so proud of their Mother for that statement!)


  1. you go girl!!! My sister and I (we work at the same firm, hilarious as we had a skipping rope down the middle of our bedroom when we were young to designate which side of the room belonged to whom - we got along THAT well....) miss our christmas party this year, will already be in Noosa when the craziness begins! - ENJOY!, just some 'quiet' Sunday afternoon Christmas drinks for me this weekend.... x

  2. bonjour,
    merçi pour votre visite .
    votre blog est dans ma liste!

  3. Partying tonight...but it'll be about as boring as tame as can be!

    Happy Weekend Millie!

  4. Sounds like a great time. We had the mortitian's Christmas party last night. I was the youngest one there. How depressing, luckly it was over at 9:00 since that was getting late for most of the party goers and they didn't like driving in the dark. If you get my drift. Have a great weekend. Heidi

  5. What a bizarre night... I am hoping for some good parties here in Palm Springs.. We have a large beautiful pit behind our home where we are having our usual Jewish Christmas... my husband is Jewish and I am Irish all those who are Jewish.. combo... or without a place to go come here for Christmas

  6. Thank you Millie for your visit and comment...lovely to know there's a soul-mate out there!!! Nothing nicer that a great restaurant followed by fun at the nightclubs. What better way than to spend it with a dedicated party animal!!! No partying for us though tonight...our kitchen is a shambles...Enjoy the night...Dzintra

  7. Yeah! 4got to inform you that U have something to pick up in my room. Read the giveaway winners.


  8. Hi Millie,

    I have taken on your challenge! Check me out!


  9. Enjoy yourself Millie - tis the season. Besides we must never let those children of ours think we have lost the nerve...! xv

  10. It sounds that your Chritsmas party would be a lot more fun than the terrible one in Sydney. Hope you have a great time.


  11. That champagne looks FAB! Let's crack one open and toast the holiday season! YUM!


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