Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Broken Record

It's been a while now since I heard MOTH refer to me by my given name, it's simply The Broken Record now. And of course it's all about kitchens. As this is the busiest time of the year at work for him, all renovation at home has come to a screeching halt, & the deal is, the main bathroom has to be finished before he starts on the kitchen. So we have a disgusting, decommissioned wreck of a bathroom desperately waiting for his attention. But in the meantime, the kitchen situation is getting worse by the day & when I saw this image I felt weak at the knees.

I think I probably need to stop with the whingeing, just to give him a break, & as difficult as that may be, I'll give it a try. He reckons he'll achieve more if I shut-up, but in the 15 years we've spent renovating this house & our old house, I've yet to see empirical evidence to prove that statement!


  1. A woman's patience can only go so far Millie - you are only human after all. So forgive yourself!
    That kitchen is absolutely stunning. I think I like it even better than the Something's Gotta Give Kitchen, and that's saying something. The dark, wide planked wooden floors, the huge window, the massive island with the bead board, the top cupboards with the glass doors - everything about this is fabulous! I want!

  2. Poor Millie. How much plaster dust can one woman endure? Is there any light at all at the end of the tunnel? Hope so...Rosemary

  3. oh that kitche image is a dream Millie, lucky I was sitting down as I too was weak at the knees! - oh the joys of renovating.... i used to think it was such a romantic idea but now...... GOOD LUCK!!! xx

  4. Look at the size of that island! Even the mess I make when I bake could be contained on that. Good luck with your resolution to say nothing about renovating for the next little while, you are a stronger woman than me!

  5. This is a stunning kitchen...hang in there Millie!! I keep wishing my house was finished too, slowly it goes...I have had my father helping me weekends and I think I have worn him out!! I am hoping that the new year will see more progress.
    Amanda x

  6. I'm at the opposite here Millie. We are timber people...our last 2 kitchens were all timber. New benchtop arriving this a chalk colour!!! I think it will look nice with the oregon ...but now wondering, maybe should've gone for all timber...ah the dilemmas of kitchens!!! Hang in there dear girl!!!

  7. I hear you too. I have a similar debate going on at my place. We've done the kitchen and the bathroom over the past 7 years but we desperately need more space and I dream to add a couple more rooms. The trouble is we've just managed to pay off our mortgage and we will have to refinance to pay for the extentions and my husband is reluctant to go into debt again. I understand his point of view but it still doesn't get me my new rooms lol. We are currently saving like mad so we don't have to borrow as much and fingers crossed something will happen in the new year. I pray the same will happen with you. You certainly deserve the kitchen of your dreams.

    Anna :)

  8. Fabulous kitchen!! Know it will all be worth it in the end! Just try to hang in there~

  9. What a stunning and gorgeous kitchen! White gets me everytime. Have a nice day. Daisy~

  10. That's a great kitchen! I can't even imagine having all that space.


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